Sign up for these 9 skills that will take you from being the ideal candidate to being a programmer

Sign up for these 9 skills that will take you from being the ideal candidate to being a programmer

● In a country where the unemployment rate is close to 4 million unemployed, the ICT sector is one of the key areas due to the large number of vacant positions, but with a strong imbalance between supply and demand in due to the lack of qualified personnel.

● Soft skills have become the skills most sought after by recruiters, even above technical skills (hard skills) and work experience.

● Teamwork, creativity, empathy and adaptability, some of the personal skills most valued by web development and programming professionals.

BY Álvaro, 12:15 – November 27, 2020

Spain is in one of the most important economic and labor crises in history: nearly 4 million unemployed, according to the latest data from the EPA, and a precarious job offer for a country dedicated by 80% of its total to the service sector, according to figures from the Institute for Economic Studies (IEE). On the other hand, the new needs after the Covid-19 crisis have placed ICT as one of the areas with the highest number of vacancies, where unemployment is almost non-existent and with a very favorable forecast, but with a strong imbalance between supply and demand due to the lack of qualified personnel.

In this area, programmers are the most requested ICT professionals in Spain, as stated in a report by However and far from what one can imagine, the world of programming is not only an area of ​​great technical specialty and self-taught knowledge resulting from academic and personal research, in areas such as probability, statistics. and mathematical logic, some software is also necessary skills that can make any professional profile the ideal candidate for this field. In fact, soft skills have become the most sought after skills by recruiters, even above hard skills and work experience, according to experts at the Java Language Programming Congress (JBCN Conference). Aware of this, from Ironhack – a leading school in intensive digital talent training – they analyzed what these innate capabilities are:

1. Interest and curiosity: key ingredients. Interest is one of the most important elements in speeding up learning. Wanting to understand and expand your knowledge is a basic skill for any programmer. When curiosity is part of a candidate’s personality, there is an inherent motivation that drives them to want to dig deeper.

2. Consistent productivity. Today everyone is a Google search expert. Anyone capable of finding solutions independently and with self-taught abilities, will have many more opportunities for success in the career of a programmer.

3. Patience, your best virtue. Programming is not for people who are easy to quit because it takes a lot of time and persistence.

4. New challenges? Your daily goal. The world of programming is constantly changing and being able to achieve adaptability is very important. Forties demonstrated the ability of people to accept change and move on. This skill is one of the most important because the technological world is constantly evolving.

5. Organize, reorganize and build a community. Programming is not lonely. In fact, large companies work with the philosophy of “pair programming”, meaning that two programmers work together on development in the same workplace. For this reason, another of the strengths is teamwork, as it strengthens both learning and knowledge of the field.

6. Imagination in power. Although the programming seems uncreative and very rigid, the reality is far from this stereotype. Having creative ideas to build things in original ways so that other people can benefit from them will make interfaces, applications or new functions more optimal.

7. Resolutive by nature. Fundamentally, programming solves problems, it’s literally the job that many programmers do every day. Those who see problems as challenges have an innate ability to be a good programmer.

8. Try to understand before you are understood. Emotional intelligence is very important. In programming, empathy is doubly necessary: ​​first, to understand what users need and, second, to be able to work as a team.

9. Don’t doubt yourself. It is essential to have confidence in taking charge and carrying out new projects and challenges.

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