Signature of a sustainable development expert for the startup APlanet

The startup APlanet has joined Laura Snchez Navarro as Global Chief Customer Officer, who accumulates considerable experience in the leadership and execution of sustainability projects for IBEX 35 companies and other large unlisted organizations.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 p.m. – July 25, 2021

Laura Snchez comes from the consultancy firm Deloitte, where she has been part of the ‘Climate & Sustainability’ area for seven years, specializing in all the services that a large company needs to carry out sustainability management: from the analysis of materiality in the design of sustainable development strategies and sustainable finance, the preparation of sustainable development reports and impact measurement or auditing of non-financial information, including environmental risk analysis or calculation carbon footprint, among others.

From her new role, her primary responsibility will be to lead the overall customer service strategy of Planetet, ensuring that organizations find in their products the best allies to effectively meet their sustainability needs, and always receiving a service based on excellence.

Sustainability is the present, and the future of companies is determined by their ability to integrate it throughout their value chain and integrate it as part of their digital transformation. The team of excellent professionals at Alanet has succeeded in combining sustainable development management with technology, and this is precisely what attracts me the most about my new position: the possibility of going further in this integration. , to convert sustainability into an essential aspect of business, ” says Snchez Navarro.

For her part, Johanna Gallo, CEO and co-founder of Alanet, affirms that they are convinced that “ Laura’s arrival will bring great value to our company, because with her experience she can easily put herself in the shoes of of our customers and guide our products and services to what they really need to become an essential part of their sustainability strategy. ”

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