Sikh for Justice Donation: Khalistan Sikh Terrorist Group for Justice donated money to UN, grand conspiracy against India – UN confirms donation from pro-Khalistan Sikh group for justice plot against india

There is a lot of disclosure in India about the Khalistan Sikh for Justice faction ban. The United Nations had raised $ 10,000 (around Rs 7 lakh) from the Sikh for Justice Organization, and the Khalistani organization is now pressuring the UN to “ create a commission of inquiry ” to investigate alleged abuses during demonstrations by farmers. The spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed the donations of the Sikhs for justice.

The spokesperson said: ‘We confirm that we received a donation of $ 10,000 online from Sikh residents for justice on March 1. Usually, we do not reject donations from these people or institutions unless they have been prohibited by the United Nations ”. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who lives in the United States, said there was a $ 1.3 million pledge to the Sikh community to set up a commission of inquiry on behalf of the United Nations. This commission will investigate allegations of sedition and violence against farmers on behalf of India.

Sikh for Justice wants to investigate India like Syria
The Government of India has declared pro-Khalistan Gurpatwant Singh a terrorist and is the Secretary General of the Sikhs for Justice Institute. It is a referendum on the Sikhs. Gurpatwant Singh said that as far as I know the United Nations did not create the Commission, but we are addressing the whole issue through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry is set up to investigate the state of serious violations of international humanitarian law. A commission has been set up to conduct such investigations in Syria. On the other hand, the spokesperson said that there was no plan for such a commission of inquiry against India. He said that Sikh for Justice has been made aware of this and if he has any misunderstanding, his donation of $ 10,000 can be returned.

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