Simón opens the door to get vaccinated in a community where he doesn’t live

Posted: Tuesday June 08, 2021 12:01 AM

Fernando Simón opened the doors for a possible vaccination in another autonomous community to that of the usual residence in order not to lower the vaccination rate against COVID-19 during the summer.

The director of the Center for alerts and health emergencies acknowledged that, in the event that a person is outside the autonomous community in which they reside when called upon to be vaccinated, “it is possible” that ‘she can do it in the region in which he is located.

“I know that there is the possibility of putting the dose in another autonomous community,” said Simón, who explained that for this, “if possible”, a travel card should be made during the holiday period which resides in another community so that the registration can be done correctly and in this way you can access the data of your previous vaccination.

However, Simón recalled that “nothing happens because the second dose is inoculated a little later”, and most of the Autonomous Communities are already proceeding with self-summons or authorizing the postponement of the appointment.

So he expressed that “anyway, if it’s not very complicated or the time between vacation and the second dose is a matter of days, it’s always easier to change the appointment in your community. autonomous “.

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