“Since 2014, I do not belong to any party”

Publication: Sunday 13 December 2020 15:44

Rodrigo Rato, former vice-president of the PP government and former Minister of Economy under the government of José María Aznar, said in his first since entering prison that “since 2014” he does not belong “to any political party “, when asked if he identifies with the project led by Pablo Casado.

This is what he expressed in “La Razón”, where, when asked about the future he sees for Santiago Abascal, Rato replied that “he seems to have voices”. And when asked whether the greatest danger Spain faces is economic, social or territorial, the former vice-president said that “they are linked” and that “in a country, when politics collapsed, so did the rest “.

The former minister also spoke about the economic situation of our country, affirming that “we are already poorer”. “It took Spain until 2019 to return to 2008 levels. In 2020, we lost 14% above this level, with a recovery between 5% and 7% in 2021. In terms of debt public, between 2008 and 2020 It increased by 80 points of GDP. Without a significant increase in our potential growth, we will not be able to overcome this situation, ”he said.

In this sense, Rodrigo Rato declared that “not to win is not to come out of the pothole”. “Public debt levels, structural unemployment and low levels of productivity are our main weaknesses in increasing potential growth,” he said.

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