Sindhupalchok Flood Deaths: Nepal Flood Updates

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Floods after heavy rains in Nepal Seven people killed in floods in Sindhupalchok More than 50 people still missing in ongoing flood, relief and rescue operations Kathmandu
Flooding after torrential rains created a deluge in Nepal. So far, seven people have died from the flooding of the river in central Nepal, while more than 50 people are missing. Many bridges collapsed due to the high velocity of the flood waters. As a result, the traffic is also at a standstill. Rescuers are also facing difficulties due to the collapse of the bridge.

Floods have wreaked havoc in Sindhupalchok
The flooding of the Melmchi River in Sindhupalchok, central Nepal, was the most affected by heavy rains in the past 48 hours. All seven people died here. The bodies of the deceased were found Tuesday evening. Officials said Wednesday that around 50 people are missing, most of them workers working in the Melamchi drinking water project.

More than 50 people still missing
Health and Population Minister Sher Bahadur Tamang said on Facebook that more than 50 people were missing during the flooding of the Melamchi and Indravati rivers. The floods also damaged the dams of the drinking water supply project of Melamchi, Timbu Bazar, Chanaut Bazar, Talamarang Bazar and Melamchi Bazar.

Not only were people killed in the heavy rains, but two concrete bridges and five to six suspension bridges collapsed in Sindhupalchok. Farmland and fishing grounds have been submerged. At the same time, the police station (Armed Police Force Camp) in Helambu town and the drinking water project site in Melamchi are inaccessible due to a flood-like situation.
About 300 huts were swept to villages along the Melmchi River. In Lamjung district, around 15 houses were washed away. Officials said about 200 homes in the lower area were at risk. Sindhupalchok District Chief Arun Pokharel said the rescue and relief operation was underway by Nepalese police forces and armed police forces.

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