Sinopharm Covid 19 Vaccine Approval: First Corona Virus Vaccine Approved in China, Sinopharm Vaccine 79.3% Effective – China Approves Sinopharm Covid 19 Vaccine For Consumer Use

After the approval of the Corona vaccine in the US and UK, China has now conditionally approved the Corona virus vaccine from its state-owned company Sinopharm. This is the first approval of any Kovid-19 vaccine in China. China’s Medical Production Administration deputy commissioner Chen Shifei said on Thursday that the decision was made on Wednesday evening. Two doses of this vaccine from the Beijing Institute of Biologics will be administered.

It is a government subsidiary of “Sinform”. The pharmaceutical company said on Wednesday that its vaccine was found to be 79.3% effective in preventing infection, according to preliminary results from the final phase of the test. The government pharmaceutical company “Sinopharm” is one of five Chinese companies involved in the global vaccine manufacturing race. Kovid-19 has killed more than 18 lakh worldwide to date.

China may have approved its vaccine, but the world is not convinced. With the Wuhan Corona virus spreading around the world, China has lost confidence that it is chewing gram Nako around the world to find buyers for its Kovid-19 vaccine. Alam is that his iron brother Pakistan is testing the Chinese Corona vaccine in his country, but the Pakistani people do not trust this vaccine. This too when China invested $ 70 billion in poor Pakistan.

In many developing countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia and Brazil, China’s Corona vaccine has been investigated and their opinions known to authorities. He reveals that China has failed to insure the millions of people who previously trusted them with their Corona vaccine. Farman Ali, a motorcycle driver from the city of Karachi in Pakistan, said: “I will not get a Chinese vaccine. I don’t trust this vaccine.

China’s corona vaccine faces crisis of confidence
This mistrust and the dependence of dozens of poor countries on China could create a major political crisis in the world. This too when the citizens of this country realize that the corona virus vaccine given by China is inferior. China’s corona virus vaccine can give China a great diplomatic advantage to help poor countries, which do not receive the developed corona vaccine from Western countries.

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