Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine: Brazil gives China a big blow, synovac corona vaccine trial suspended – Brazil suspends Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine trial due to adverse event, knows Jair Bolsonaro

Rio de Janeiro
Brazil has suspended the trial of the Corona Coronavec virus vaccine from the company Synovac, giving China a hard blow. Brazil’s health regulator said the ban was imposed following an adverse event caused by the vaccine. The health department said the incident took place on October 29. However, it is not yet clear whether the incident happened in Brazil or in another country.

Chinese vaccine trial stopped citing death
Dimas Kovas, head of the Butanan Medical Research Institute in Sao Paolo, said the decision to stop testing the Chinese vaccine was made after a death caused by the vaccine. He was concerned the death was linked to the vaccination. He said this vaccine is currently in use on more than 10,000 people. In such a situation, a person can die.

Brazilian president is against Chinese vaccine
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro mocked China’s Kovid-19 vaccine, saying Brazilians can’t become guinea pigs for anyone. He announced several days ago that his country would not buy the corona virus vaccine from China. President Bolsonaro responded to one of his supporters on social media, writing that of course we will not buy the Chinese vaccine.

China defended its vaccine
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian defended his vaccine against the Corona virus after Bolsonaro’s remarks. He said that China’s vaccine research and development capacity was leading the world. China is currently working on four vaccines, which have reached phase III clinical trials. China’s vaccine research and development capacity is the subject of discussion in many countries. China is also part of the World Health Organization “Kovacs” coalition to distribute the Kovid-19 vaccine around the world.

Brazil is the third country most affected by Corona
Significantly, Brazil is among the countries most affected by the Corona virus. According to the data, around 5,675,766 people have been found infected with the Corona virus so far in Brazil. In terms of people infected, it is third behind the United States and India, while it is second behind the United States in deaths from Kovid-19. So far, 162,638 people in Brazil have died from the corona virus.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announces he will not buy Corona virus vaccine from China

Brazil to manufacture AstraZeneca vaccine
The Brazilian government has already made preparations to purchase AstraZeneca and the Corona virus vaccine from the University of Osford. Not only that, they are also preparing to produce this vaccine at their FioCruz biomedical research center. The first report on the Chinese vaccine trial was released on Monday, indicating that the vaccine has shown good effects on up to 9,000 people in Brazil.

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