Siri Hafso seeks a gift for years of jokes in her name – 30-year-old Apple CEO Tim Cook seeks compensation – Whidbey Daily News

Why: Apple’s virtual voice assistant ‘Siri’ has been seeking the loss of the jokes made for it for years.

The 30-year-old girl has demanded compensation from Apple CEO Tim Cook

Siri Hafso of the United States, who turned 30 in June, recently wrote an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, claiming damages. In fact, he has been ridiculed a lot because of the company’s voice assistant ‘Siri’, memes and jokes have been shared in his name on social media.

In his letter, Simi demanded that Apple’s MacBook be replaced by Tim Cook. “Until 2011, I was at peace,” Siri wrote. But now people ask me the meaning of my name, they make fun of me. So, if I get an Apple laptop he will be able to happily say yes, my name is Siri because I also have an Apple product. Siri posted his long letter to Ticket with a video and asked people to comment and share his claim so that his demand could reach Tim Cook.

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