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Richard Brenson, the owner of Virgin Galactic and the famous industrialist, goes on a spacewalk. Richard will fly into space on July 11. Meanwhile, India-born Sirisha Bandla also accompanies her. Sirisha Bandla is Head of Government Affairs and Research at Virgin Galactic Company. Richard is accompanied by 5 other passengers on a trip in space. Born in India, Sirisha is the second woman to embark on a dangerous journey into space.

Sirisha Bandla is from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Sirisha Bandla will be the second woman of Indian origin to travel to space. Earlier, Kalpana Chawla had been to space and sadly died in the Space Shuttle Columbia crash. Sirisha Bandla joined Virgin in 2015 and after that she hasn’t looked back.
Richard Brenson to leave richest billionaire Jeff Bezos behind, walk first in space
Sirisha is the second woman of Indian descent to go to space
Sirisha Bandla also oversees Virgin Orbit’s operations in Washington. The same company recently launched a satellite into space with the help of a Boeing 747 aircraft. He holds an MBA from Georgetown University. Rama Rao, a relative of Sirisha, said: “Of course the best thing would be if she went to space with Richard. We are proud of that. We wish her a safe journey.

Sirisha and her companions are going on a trip to space

After Kalpana Chawla, Sirisha is the second woman of Indian origin to enter space. Rakesh Sharma was the first to go to space on the India side. After that, Kalpana Chawla left. At the same time, Sunita Williams of Indian descent also entered space. Let us tell you that Richard Brenson of the American spacecraft company Virgin Galactic is planning to go on a space trip nine days before his fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos.

All crew members Company employees
Brenson’s company announced Thursday night that its next space flight would take place on July 11 and that six people, including its founder, would be on that flight. The spacecraft will take off from New Mexico where all crew members will be company employees. This will be Virgin Galactic’s fourth space flight. Hours before this news broke, Bezos’ company Blue Origin said Bezos will be going to space on July 20 and will be accompanied by a great lady from the aerospace world who has waited 60 years to get there.

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