Six detained in León and Logroño on third night of rioting over COVID-19 restrictions

Updated: Monday, November 2, 2020 12:17 PM

Published on: 02.11.2020 12:05

Logroño and León once again experienced strong disruption early in the morning perpetrated by, for the most part, groups of young people cited by social networks as part of an alleged protest against restrictions against the coronavirus. It is already the third night of incidents that have been recorded in some cities in Spain since last Friday.

In the capital of La Rioja, at least five people have been arrested for having participated in the riots in which containers were set on fire, while in the Leonese capital, a young man was arrested and they are mainly minors between 16 and 18 years who perpetrated the violence. protests in various fields.

In addition, in León, as the main video of this information shows, dozens of hooded young people caused alternations in the city center with the overturning of containers and caused damage to vehicles.

Five prisoners in Logroño

Shortly after the incidents, the Government Delegation of La Rioja assured that the situation was under control in the center of Logroño after the fire of three containers in several streets after a call for a sit-in, via social networks, on the Paseo de L’éperon.

The police dispersed the various groups of young people who wanted to participate in the sit-in convened near the headquarters of the government delegation and the regional executive.

Due to the disturbances that had occurred in the same neighborhood the previous night, the Delegation had put in place a security system in anticipation of new disturbances of public order when it learned of a new summons via social networks which did not had not been communicated.

At around 8:15 p.m., police observed several groups, mostly young people, scattered along the march, which had similar characteristics to those responsible for the altercations on Saturday evening, in which some 150 radicals participated.

In El Espolón, according to data from the delegation, around 40 people gathered on Sunday evening, who, observing the presence and deployment of the police, marched through the adjacent streets.

Officers made identifications and made five arrests, in addition to the eight previously made of young people between 15 and 24 years old. In one of those streets near El Espolón, on Avenida de Portugal, a paper container burned down this evening, causing heavy smoke. For this reason, the police told the neighbors on the public address system to lower the blinds and not look outside.

Burning vessel in León

Also in León, the call to protest against the restrictions had started this Sunday from social networks and the place of concentration was in front of the Gaudí-Casa Botines museum.

The concentrates then dispersed throughout the city center, knocking down fences and flares which they threw on the sidewalk, shouting “freedom”. Minor vehicles were damaged, fences were knocked over, and patio chairs and tables were thrown in Burgo Nuevo, Alcázar de Toledo Street and around Plaza de la Inmaculada, as well as the overturning of containers near San Marcos, according to police sources.

Another group threw the chairs from a terrace of an establishment opposite the cathedral, for which some neighbors passing by criticized the young people for their behavior.

National and local police officers have set up a device to contain the young people. For the moment, there is only one arrest in the Leonese capital.

63 detainees this weekend

Over the weekend, the altercations spread to around 20 cities. The most serious disturbances took place on Saturday evening in Madrid and Barcelona. In the capital, 33 people have been arrested, 25 of whom have already been brought to justice.

In both cities, groups of young people met via social media, caused severe material damage to shop windows and even burned containers.

Investigating Court No.45, acting as the guard for detainees, will take their statements throughout the day, although statements can be extended until mid-afternoon. Until then, his procedural situation will not be known, according to legal sources.

Among those detained for the altercations which led to the protests against the restrictive measures adopted to combat COVID were two minors; and at least 14 of them have police records, according to police sources.

In Barcelona, ​​protests resulted in 12 detainees, including a minor, after riot police had to indict looting and vandalism in Plaza Sant Jaume.

Sentencing of politicians to riots

The government delegate in Madrid, José Manuel Franco, admitted to worrying about what happened in Madrid this weekend. In the opinion of the “socialist” politician, the participants in the violent demonstrations “dirty the word freedom”, as he explained in an interview with Onda Cero.

Franco assured that the images collected last Saturday on the Gran Vía were perpetrated by “people who deserve no respect”: “I don’t care about their ideology, they are not contributing to this crisis”.

The mayor of León, José Antonio Díez, also condemned in an interview with Onda Cero the unrest that occurred yesterday morning in the provincial capital. In addition, he warned, Protestants do not belong to a specific sector: “there is the extreme right, the radicals, the usual criminals …”.

In this sense, he expressed his “absolute rejection” of violent responses to restrictions. “These radicals understand that the worst is the best and they are hiding behind these acts of vandalism which do not help anyone”, he insisted.

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