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Cleaning the work environment, essential in the coronavirus era: six health benefits

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 03 November 2020

Currently, one of the most common and necessary activities in the homes of millions of Mexicans is cleaning. This not only protects us against possible COVID-19 infections, but also gives us many other physical and mental health benefits.

For this reason, experts from Koblenz, a brand committed to home care, tell us about the benefits of cleaning and how we can achieve them.

Avoid allergies: if we perform constant and efficient cleaning, we avoid accumulating dust and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems. To speed up this task, we can rely on tools like the Koblenz SanitizerVac, 3 in 1, which sanitizes, sucks and blows, to ensure complete disinfection of all spaces. Prevents the appearance of pests: The accumulation of pollutants and lack of cleaning can cause the accumulation of various organisms in the corners of our homes, frequent cleaning of walls, corners and floors allows us to prevent the appearance of parasites. It is beneficial for mental health: reading, eating, resting and playing in clean spaces allows us to conduct our activities with more harmony, in the same way, performing cleaning tasks can free us from emotional burdens such as as anger or anxiety. Prevents Mold Growth: Another of the great points in favor of cleaning is that it prevents mold growth in the rooms of our house, as we know its appearance can be very harmful to the health of everyone in the family, therefore the prevention of infection in the home is of vital importance. Keeping places clean and ventilated, taking care of your houseplants, and avoiding the accumulation of objects in your closet can prevent them from appearing. Encourage movement: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing and wiping can cause us to move from one place to another, making us feel better and burn calories. Reduces stress: A tidy place avoids the tedious task of searching everywhere for that pen that was hidden under the carpet or that toy that is missing among the clothes, in turn allows us to free up mental space and focus on activities more productive.

Remember that a clean home means physical and mental health for you and your family.

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