Six keys for an ICT director to reach the level of excellence

What skills and knowledge allow an ICT manager to achieve the highest level of quality in the performance of his duties? What is the profile of a senior IT director? Setesca and LiceoTic launch ICITEM, the first international certificate that certifies the level of excellence of an ICT director

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 p.m. – June 09, 2021

Technology has played a decisive role in the competitiveness of any business. In order to start technology projects, companies need to have excellent, high quality, and excellent professionals to lead the IT department. What determines an IT manager to achieve the highest level in the performance of his or her job? In order to establish a certificate that accredits this level of excellence of an ICT manager, the consultancy firm Setesca and LiceoTic, the largest community of CIOs made up of more than 500 professionals, are launching ICITEM (International Certification in IT Excellence Management) the first certificate which accredits managers with a high level of excellence in the management of computer information systems in any type of business.

Mastery of the optimal management tools for your organization

One of the main requirements of a high-level ICT manager is the mastery and application of techniques in the most efficient way possible to ensure that your organization has the optimal management tools to achieve its results.

Project management

Another valuable aspect of ICT management is that the professional is able to execute in the most efficient way possible the best practices in project and people management to ensure the success of the projects carried out by his organization.

ICT department and the rest of the business relationship. On the other hand, as LiceoTIC underlines, a highly qualified ICT director knows and implements in the most appropriate way the best models of relations between the IT department and the rest of the company.

High degree of knowledge of business processes

An excellent ICT professional has in-depth knowledge of a company’s business processes, as well as the techniques needed to drive business process innovation through technology.

Customer and market orientation

Likewise, another of the remarkable aspects of excellence in the management of an ICT department is a high degree of customer and market orientation through the proposal and development of tools and actions that guarantee an optimal result for the organization.

Orientation towards innovation

And finally, the ICT director, who has a level of excellence in his management, demonstrates a clear orientation towards innovation by proposing new solutions and new tools that allow the company to reach the highest level of competitiveness. .

ICITEM was born as a response to guarantee this level of excellence through a certificate created by leading organizations in the analysis of excellence in IT management (LiceoTic, Setesca and Setesca Talent).

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