Six keys to choosing a distance course or a diploma

Due to the pandemic, millions of people around the world have had to work from home. This situation can pave the way for new activities because there is more time to complete them. While these extra hours can be used to rest a little more, exercise, read and meditate, they can also be the perfect opportunity to start learning something new, in a difficult context and environment. declining GDP in Latin America, loss or reduction of employment, online training opens up the possibility of preparing for work and generating additional income.

We know that this time allows us to start devoting our hours to gaining new knowledge or strengthening what we already have by enrolling in a course, diploma or workshop, although it can be very exciting, we believe that choosing a new activity can be a bit complicated given the wide variety of options.

For this reason, experts from the Aprende Institute, the leading vocational training platform in Mexico, tell us the factors to consider when choosing a new area of ​​knowledge.

Interests: One of the most important factors when choosing a course or workshop is knowing your interests and motivations, as this will show you a clearer path when you need to choose an option. List your greatest interests, tastes and passions, this will help you clarify your ideas, remember that the more you love what you do, the greater the knowledge ownership and therefore you will better use your time . Schedules: From 2 hours or all afternoon, there are some classes that can be more demanding than others, so it is essential that you manage your schedules in order to be sure that you can take all of your classes and deliver your homework with the necessary attention. Distance: It is true that currently the vast majority of courses and workshops are conducted online to avoid exposure to the virus, but otherwise we recommend that you look for workshops near you to make getting around easier. , in case you have to leave the house, be sure to follow all safety protocols. Quality: Before proceeding to secure your place in a study center, make sure that it meets the quality requirements you want. Look for references with knowledge, reviews on the internet and be sure to contact them to ask for all the information you need before you make your decision. Prior Knowledge: If your desire is to specialize in any area, make sure you meet all of the prerequisite requirements and knowledge that you need to have as there are courses for which it is necessary to know the subject in advance in order to be able to start with the workshop. Don’t worry, as this is only necessary in very specific cases, if your dream is to be an expert in some field but you still don’t know anything about it, there are several level 1 courses in which you can access more advanced levels. Certifications: Once you have completed all of your learning modules, you can start practicing with your new knowledge, right? It is true that these tools open the doors to new opportunities, but don’t forget to make sure that you will receive a certificate that supports all your efforts.

Keeping the mind in a constant effort to learn is good for your physical, mental and emotional health, and it also opens the door to new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

At Aprende Institute, you can find great options for workshops, courses, and certifications in various areas of knowledge such as: nutrition, baking, mechanics, marketing, technology, and more. Remember that our constant effort and accountability to our goals is what drives us to achieve great results.

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