Six months in prison for two soldiers in training for having encouraged the “gang rape” of a colleague

Posted: Tuesday June 08, 2021 11:08 AM

The Seville Territorial Military Court sentenced two soldiers in training to six months in prison for encouraging a classmate to “mass rape” via a public WhatsApp chat attended by 40 other colleagues from the Training Center. Cadiz.

The sentence, handed down on January 25, and to which LaSexta had access, condemns these two military candidates for violations of fundamental rights and public freedoms for “having carried out acts of sexual harassment, insulting and attacking his personal dignity”. .

The condemned events took place on the night of November 10, 2018, when the victim had just left the WhatsApp group called ‘2ª Compañía Sapadores’, created “with the aim of exchanging information between newly arrived students”.

According to the sentence, the humiliating messages were sent by the two convicts between 11:47 p.m. and 11:52 p.m. and contained the following humiliating sentences:

“Belinda, a picasso and the like run away from your mouth” “The bitch blocked me” “You say it .. K rapes her like a herd” “That if K is in the spotlight … to empty her the eye “” I’m going to crack at the expense of her tonight “” And I’m going to clean myself in the sheet of the mountains. She only asks for the cock and the boyfriend, believing herself that she only gets along with aunts “

In addition, one of them sent a photo of the victim in which the sentence “I only fuck with sappers” was overwritten.

The victim only learned about it the next morning, Sunday November 11, 2018, when another colleague who was part of this group sent him a screenshot of the conversation with the degrading sentences. That same night, a corporal found the young woman crying in a hallway and was brought in front of the non-commissioned officer, to whom she recounted what had happened and showed him the screenshots.

According to the sentence, it was not until Monday, November 12 that the convicts admitted to being the authors of the humiliating messages and felt remorse. Despite this, both denied being the perpetrators in the trial and assured that even though the phone number was theirs, someone must have sent them on their behalf because they had left the cell phones charging on a power strip. common.

In any case, the Court did not believe his words and accepted the testimony of the victim, who assured that she felt “hurt” and “ashamed” by the attacks and that she was confident “that the Institution would respond and correct the facts. “.

In addition to the custodial sentence, the two students were militarily suspended from their functions, from their public functions and from the right to passive suffrage.

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