six reasons to promote equality in companies

More diversity, reconciliation or attraction of talent: six reasons to promote equality in companies

From now on, companies are required to make a real commitment by which, while carrying out their activity, they also succeed in making a better and fairer world, that they care more about social causes, that they take care of the environment, etc. .

BY RRHHDigital, 11h00 – 08 March 2021

Companies are no longer understood only as organizations whose goal is to do business and make money. Times are changing, and now a real commitment is demanded of them by which, while carrying out their activity, they also manage to make a better and fairer world, that they care more about social causes, that they take care of the environment, etc. In addition, they are asked to open their eyes and look at their environment, to put their grain of sand, to set an example and, above all, not to escape the concerns of citizens. This is one way in which the whole of society wins, but it also brings many benefits in terms of economy.

Equality of rights is one of the demands that worries the most at the moment and for which we fight the most. At Medallia, the world leader in experience management, according to Paloma Breva, its marketing director for Southern Europe, this demand in the company is closely linked to the employee experience. Thus, he comments that companies that focus their management on the implementation of programs to achieve equal opportunities will be companies in which employees feel more involved and more satisfied with their work.

“At Medallia, we have always understood diversity, in all its aspects, as one of the fundamental pillars of our philosophy. For this reason, our team is made up of professionals from different races, religions, sexual orientations, etc., and we have acquired the commitment to guarantee an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all ”, explains Paloma Breva. But as our CEO Leslie Stretch says, “Tackling inequality takes more than words, it takes action, and for that reason, we are committed to driving change, creating more equitable environments where people from all walks of life can flourish.

Medallia has nine ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), which are communities managed by the employees themselves and which are open to all those who are part of this company. In addition, they are empowered to lead initiatives that ensure that all voices are heard. And precisely two of them were created to promote equality between men and women. These are “Women at Medallia”, to empower and train female employees, with a focus on gender equality, and “Women in Tech”, whose objective is to support and connect women to technology, and get involved with a larger community of trained technicians. women.

The companies that will manage to adapt to new times and survive in the long term will be those that take into account the following reasons:

Diversity enriches. Companies have realized that betting on diversity generates great benefits. Building teams in which there is a diversity of gender, age, race …, results in a broad vision, an approach with more points of view and a wider range of divergent opinions, than this should be taken into account when approaching projects or finding solutions. Reconciliation measures do not only benefit women. It is a mistake to think that flexible hours, reductions or respecting the length of the day, among other things, are big steps that have only been taken in favor of women, so that they can reconcile their professional and family life, already that all employees appreciate this situation, whatever their gender. Betting on a more efficient way of working, where time is better spent, is closely linked to increasing people’s happiness and an optimal employee experience. Improves the good image of companies. Equality is a real commitment, when it is, there is no better showcase abroad for companies. Working in a company with a good image generates pride in belonging to the group and greatly improves the employee experience. And when it’s so positive, so is the customer experience, which ultimately translates into big financial benefits. On the contrary, when the commitment is not real, it is only a question of “make-up” for the outside, the image of the company can be very compromised. Attract talent. Likewise, a reputable company stimulates its growth and succeeds in attracting and retaining its customers, by attracting talent. While salary was one of the main reasons people wanted to work in one company or another; Currently, other reasons are taken into account when choosing which companies you want to be a part of. They are reconciliation measures, equality policies or the commitment to the development of an identity attached to social values. Fair and equal pay creates less friction between employees. If you want to bet on a good work environment, you can’t have two people in the same job, with the same experience, doing the same job … and billing differently. The unequal treatment, wages, benefits or advantages available to the company, generates major problems for team members and especially for managers. And what is worse, it causes a very demotivating feeling of injustice, with which it is impossible to have committed employees. Equality is closely linked to the happiness of employees. If you have an industry that feels badly treated or treated less well than another, it’s impossible to bet on work environments where happiness prevails. And it is proven that just like in private life you should be as happy as possible, you should also try to fulfill yourself in the work environment. Happy employees who feel well cared for, contribute more to businesses, perform better, and tend to do so more continuously over time. Employees are the link between businesses and customers, so taking care of them is essential.

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