Six tips for building the team that will lead your digital business to success

Creating work teams is not a simple task, it goes beyond bringing together people who “think” will be able to work together and achieve results; And creating successful groups in online businesses is even more complex because it is a constant and never-ending task. With this idea in mind, the consulting firm CB Insights has immersed itself in 101 texts in which startups announce their closure. By analyzing and ranking their motivations, they came to the conclusion that 23% of them fail simply because they do not have a human team suited to their needs.

For this reason, Javi Pastor, Founder and Director of Big Bang Conversion Sales & Conversion School, reveals the keys every business leader needs to be clear about when building the perfect team for a business. online succeeds.

Every business, whether digital or traditional, has one thing in common: they are all made up of people who form a human and professional team. Technology, IT and infrastructure are important, really, if you think about it, this image refers to the infrastructure of the company. But what is a fully equipped building if it is empty? This is really what it is, a facility that lacks the most important part, without a doubt, the human team of the company, the soul. He is ultimately the one who has to make the decisions, which makes him largely responsible for the success or failure of the business.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the most valuable asset of companies is the talent of people. And the current context, globalized at the economic, financial, market and extremely competitive level, has only reinforced the value of people, making them the element that, after all, makes the difference.

It is therefore clear that the value of an entrepreneur as a leader or as a manager is useless if he does not surround himself with people with a professional profile suited to the business model. Javi Pastor himself, founder and director of the Big Bang Conversion sales and conversion school, puts it very clearly: I achieved everything because I was able to create a balanced and diverse team, with skills and unique personalities that reinforce each other, productivity and efficiency to achieve the best possible result. Every startup needs the right people.

6 tips to build the team that will lead your digital business to success

The ability to build good work teams is one of the skills that most appeals to those who are successful and successful in business. Not for less, it’s not just about people bringing their knowledge from different points of view, but also about different areas of work that add value to the product that you finally offer to your customers.

So let’s take a look at the basics of finding the perfect setup to build the team that will bring success to your digital business.

1. Hiring is not the first step

Sales, marketing, administration, design, finance … You probably have to fill several roles at the same time when a business is started. A key element for any leader is to identify tasks that can be linked and performed by the same person. Next, prioritize who you should hire first.

Don’t start hiring without being very clear about what roles to delegate to them and how they should resolve what you are not achieving, advises Javi Pastor, Sales and Conversion Expert. The ideal is to anticipate in advance the help you will need before being overwhelmed by the demand for work, he adds, in the sense that it is not advisable to include in a equips profiles that are not exactly what you need, that don’t solve tasks as you expect and they will add more worry.

2. Analyze the tasks you repeat the most and their importance

This is the first step you need to take since this analysis will help you know in depth what you are investing your time in, what aspects of your business you may have overlooked and it will also teach you how to prioritize and delegate actions, focusing on the goals you want to achieve if what you are looking for is to be very clear on what you really need.

3. When is the perfect time to start building your team?

This is probably the most important and complex step you have to take, there are 3 key questions about when is the perfect time to take the plunge: do I have enough income to maintain the collaboration or contract for a while? I have documented the processes of the tasks I delegate to this person and do I know exactly what I want them to do? I am clear that the demand for the tasks to be performed is going to be maintained over time?

If the answer to the 3 questions is “yes”, then you can take the plunge and hire, as Javi Pastor says if you have no income and, above all, funds to keep this person at least 6 months in the job. team it is better to wait.

4. Professional profiles in an online business

It is clear that every business is different and depending on the industry you are in and the services or products you offer, you will need certain profiles or others. However, terms such as inbound marketing, digital sherpa, SEO positioning, SEM or trafficker are increasingly heard in the fields of the digital world because they obey practices closely linked to the success of an online business. This is why the new profiles specializing in these subjects are very relevant in companies that offer products or services via the Internet.

5. Form a team of mini CEOs around you

When you are the CEO of a company, all the responsibility falls to you: making all the decisions, overseeing each task, controlling what each member of the team does … What if you could share or even delegate this responsibility?

There are some team members who stand out for their value and involvement and who, through their training and experience, fully understand how the business works, so you have to create a mini-business team. that runs its own teams and keep them running like small businesses within yours.

This process is difficult because it requires training work, both professional and personal, that goes beyond teaching four tasks and waiting for them to be completed. The good thing is, when it starts to work, it almost completely frees you from the day-to-day operations of that area, says the pastor.

6. Create a space where people want to stay

After spending a lot of time and effort building and managing your team, the last thing you need is people to get demotivated and walk away. Creating a team is much more than recruiting people, it is giving them a place, motivating them to feel important and to choose to stay from day to day. It is essential to create an environment of trust, where work is valued, where people feel gratitude for work done and where opportunities for professional development exist.

Forming a work team does not only mean determining the different areas that exist in a company, but promoting synergy and collaboration between the parties. A well-trained and motivated work team can generate high added value for any business and be part of the competitive advantage.

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