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the basics In Toulouse, as in all of France, on Thursday 3rd June, early childhood professionals mobilized against a reform of the standards for the reception of young children. In particular, they fear a worsening of the childcare rate.

Many early childhood professionals were back on the streets that Thursday morning when SUDCT, the CGT, and the No Babies collective called at the locker. In Toulouse the southern union numbered just over 300.

The aim of the demonstrators: to show their determined opposition to the reform of Adrien Taquet, State Secretary for Children and Family. Your main demand relates to the care rate. Currently there is one adult for every five babies who cannot walk and one for eight children who can walk. The reform could go from one to six.

“You are asking us to accommodate more children in fewer square meters and with less qualified staff. We work with children, not with cattle, ”sums up Justine, who came to the demonstration from Villemur-sur-Tarn.
“With 5 square meters per baby, we are not far from what happens to the chickens! In order to be elected, Macron had announced more places in kindergarten, the only solution he could find was to blow the walls, ironically Mélina, a toddler educator who practices in Toulouse. It seems to me that organic-labeled hens have more space than babies. “

“We fight for your children”

Another controversial point of the reform: the fact that apprentices can now count towards 15% of the care quota, which leads to “a decrease in qualifications”. “With the reform we are keeping 40% of the graduates in the staff, we are asking that this quota be 50%,” says Hélène Herry, President of the Haute-Garonne of the National Association of Youth Educators.

One thing is certain: the world of early childhood will continue to mobilize. “We want to act until the decree is passed. Skilled workers remain mobilized and parents are slowly becoming sensitive to the problem, they have understood that we fought for their children, ”says Hélène Herry.
The draft law to “improve the prevention and protection of children” will be examined in the National Assembly in the first reading at the beginning of July.

Experts from all over the region came to the meeting on Thursday, such as Justine (center), who had come from Villemur-sur-Tarn, 40 km north of Toulouse. Photo DDM, JP

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