Skype for Business online will say goodbye at the end of July

It’s been no more and no less than 10 years since Microsoft made $ 8.5 billion with Skype. A company that has served those of Redmond to continue in the online communication market as the successor to Windows Live Messenger, formerly MSN Messenger.

Skype for Business is preparing for shutdown

And while Skype seems to be going through its lowest hours today, the truth is, it was key when the company took the next big step with Microsoft Teams. Service that was nurtured by Skype for Business and replaced it. A Microsoft Teams that with Windows 11 will take on greater relevance, as indicated by the fact that the application will be more integrated into the operating system.

This is why we are not surprised that the Redmonds have just announced that the Skype for Business version will close on July 31. A death more than announced if we consider that Microsoft has been encouraging and supporting its various partners for more than two years to make the leap to Microsoft Teams.

However, it’s important to mention that those at Redmond have indicated that all organizations that have booked the assisted upgrade and it is slated for after July 31, will be able to continue using the service until the migration is complete. A migration that according to Microsoft does not take more than twenty-four hours in the case of assisted updates. What do you think of this news? Has your company already migrated Microsoft Teams?

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