Skype receives one of the best features of Teams

The Skype desktop application has just received a new update, which is version 8.67. The highlight of the update is the arrival of Joint Mode or Together Mode, one of Microsoft Teams’ most acclaimed features. This feature, which was introduced in July this year, makes meetings more interactive and human by simulating that all participants are in the same room.

You can meet with a group of friends and pretend you are sitting around having a drink around the same table. Or you can teach a lesson on Skype, each of you sitting at a table or desk in a classroom. The possibilities are great, and in an era dominated by the lack of social contact due to the pandemic, technology is managing to bring us closer together. Once again, Skype benefits from the innovations developed for Teams. Let’s go through the list of changes for this version 8.67:

Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web

Presentation of joint mode to offer all participants in the call the best seat in the house. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a Large Grid Mode so you can watch everyone’s video feed at the same time. This version of Skype includes the ability to add someone to a call using their phone number.
We’ve added more default backgrounds and more fund categories and will continue to do so over time. Meet Now integrates with Windows 10 so we can meet with just one click. Bug fixes and stability improvements. Bugs? Annihilated. Improvements? Made.

Developer: Skype

Price: free

Skype for Android

This version includes the ability to add a person to a Skype call using their phone number. Support for chat bubbles, priority chats, and chat space on Android. If you’re using an Amazon Kindle Fire, you’re in luck – you’ll receive a new and improved version of Skype. Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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