Skype will allow up to 100 people on each call

Skype build 8.66 for insiders. This presents a very important change, support for up to 100 participants in a group call has been added.

Skype doubles its limit of participants on a call

In addition to the new limit in calls, some issues with contacts, language, and Android devices have been fixed. But let’s see all the news in Skype people registration.

Up to 100 participants in the call! We have increased the limit for group calls from 50 to 100 participants! The language setting is automatically changed to English. Favorite contacts no longer disappear from the contact list on Windows. Logging out freezes the app on Android. Import / download files on Android, it was not working properly.

As you already know, Microsoft’s Insider Programs are programs for testing early functionality. That way it helps development and in return we can test the latest news.

It looks like Meet Now’s engagement, performance improvements, and new features are resurrecting Skype. We’ll see if those at Redmond make Skype a well-known brand or if it’s completely replaced by Teams. During this time, our meetings have grown.

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