Smart Protection is looking for 50 engineers to protect brands on the Internet

Smart Protection, a startup that fights hackers and protects brands on the Internet, is looking to expand its team. The Spanish company started 2021 with 120 employees and has a talent attraction plan to end the year with 200 workers, more than half of the new jobs in engineering. Among them, the integration of international profiles in Cloud Big Data, site reliability, SecDevOps, software and data engineering and data science stand out.

The goal of Smart Protection is to protect its customers against the sale of counterfeits, brand abuse and piracy of their digital assets on the Internet, by protecting e-commerce and by protecting audiovisual productions and live events from piracy on the Internet. Internet. Its technology platform identifies and eliminates illegal copies and counterfeits, thereby minimizing the impact of piracy on sales and brand reputation in any business. The company has clients in 25 countries in Europe, North America and Latin America such as Warner Bros Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures and Movistar + and brands such as McAfee, Ron Barcel and Pikolinos.

Javier Perea, CEO of Smart Protection, assured that “cybersecurity is an industry that requires maximum responsiveness and flexibility, especially in times of rapid technological adoption like the current one. To achieve this, it is essential to have the best technical product and engineering team and to always put the customer at the center of the experience.

The Spanish startup is in a time of international business growth and recently closed a € 10 million Series B investment round co-led by Knight Venture Capital, Swanlaab Venture Capital, CDTi and Telefnica Tech Ventures, the new vehicle investment of Telefnica specializing in cyber-security.

“The more we invest in technology, the more value we will add to the company and to our customers. When you belong to a company whose heart is its technology platform, the possibilities for an engineer are limitless, ”added Ral Gonzlez, vice president of engineering, who has led the team since 2019 after his tenure as an engineer. as Mercadona’s CTO when launching its online store.

The goal of Smart Protection is to consolidate its leadership as a data-driven SaaS company with artificial intelligence as a fundamental axis to effectively stop the negative impact caused by online piracy, counterfeiting and brand abuse. . The diversity of the team, of 25 nationalities, is essential in knowledge management and data rigor in protecting against trademark infringement and international piracy.

Silvia Bueso, HR manager at Smart Protection, said that “we are a management team led by 4 engineers with extensive experience and highly recognized”. This is the case of Carlos Bort, Head of Data Science, whose career has been closely linked to consulting, starting at Everis and continuing with his, He was also responsible for the creation and development of the internal Data Science department at Netquest. For his part, Ismael de Esteban, Core Engineering Manager, has just joined after a career in high impact technology companies such as Tuenti, Fever and Wooviners. Smart Protection also includes Ionut Bostan, Brand Engineering Manager, whose experience has focused on React & Redux development, first at Sngular then at insurer Muno (BBVA). Finally, Pedro Daz, Content Engineering Manager, has an extensive professional career that combines his own entrepreneurial initiatives such as Tinkerlabs, IT manager positions at Empel and eShop Ventures and most recently as CTO at Fiftyx.

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