SMEs and the self-employed already have their own digitization plan

If anything showed this last year, it’s that digitization is no longer an option for small and medium-sized businesses. The implementation of teleworking, the knowledge of cybersecurity or the configuration of applications and the use of digital tools are aspects that SMEs and freelancers must master to survive the unstoppable digital transformation.

The lack of time or resources slowed down this process of digital establishment of the self-employed and small businesses. To democratize access to much more practical, flexible and daily training, the companies Cosmomedia and Serdata have created the first Specialized Digitization Plan for SMEs and the Self-Employed.

With an annual subscription program that costs less than 20 euros per month, the student can access a large list of training content, to acquire practical digital skills, applicable from day one.

Digitization Plan is specially designed for companies and professionals with limited time, looking to improve their digital autonomy, in a flexible way, adapted to different levels and which helps them in the usual tasks of their work.

Whether it’s transforming a PDF into Word and formatting it, but also performing effective Internet searches, knowing the essential aspects of cybersecurity, social networks or teleworking, this plan addresses a learning with immediate practical application.

Through the Digitization Plan, Cosmomedia and Serdata have put more than 20 years of experience in the application of digital solutions and training adapted to SMEs, by launching a different bet, to bring the practical uses of daily digitization closer to company, that you have less time and more need to resolve specific doubts in your daily work.

Besides the agility and variety of subjects covered by the plan, another key aspect for the student is online tutoring in all content, with personalized follow-up from the start, advising on the most recommended subjects for his job profile or industry.

The student has a whole year to take advantage of all the content included in the Plan. In addition, it has a multitude of resources such as videos, tips, recommendations, free tools … to deepen your knowledge.

“With this plan, we have succeeded in creating a specialized learning process to help companies improve the digitization of their operations,” says Toms Coronado, training coordinator of the digitization program.

All these small businesses looking for digital, practical and flexible help for their work already have their own training program. The Specialized Digitization Plan for SMEs and Self-Employed has an open registration period for September. Anyone wishing more information or pre-registration can access the website or send an email to the account:

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