Snakeman catches black mamba video: Watch: Snakeman runs and catches black mamba the world’s fastest snake, live video – Snakeman from South Africa catches one of World’s Fastest Snakes Black Mamba Watch Live Video

Jason Arnold, who lives in Durban, South Africa known as “Snake Man”, showed a surprising feat. Arnold ran and grabbed Black Mamba, the world’s fastest and most dangerous snake, with his own hands. Not only that, he also achieved his very dangerous feat live in front of the world through Facebook. Seeing this live video, many people get angry. This snake is approximately 6 feet long.

It is said about Black Mamba that if two drops of poison enter the body, the person does not ask for water and dies. Black Mamba is one of the fastest escaping snakes in the world and is capable of running at a speed of around 20 per hour. Arnold’s 14-minute, 28-minute video was originally shared by the U Crew group. This group was created by Sanjeev Singh. Watch the live video

More than 4 lakh people seen on Facebook
This video, shared on April 28, has so far been viewed by over 4 lakh people on Facebook. We see in the video that this snake was hidden inside the bushes. Arnold said after seeing Black Mamba he was called out by locals for help. He said Black Mamba is very difficult to catch. He caught Black Mamba using a one foot pole.

Mamba, one of the most poisonous and dangerous snakes in the world, is shy but angrily attacks him so he can get up when he hears. Hearing Black Mamba’s name, a photo of a black snake comes out. However, this snake is not black. It is usually green in color. In fact, the inside of his mouth is very black and it is said that because of this he has such a name.

Length from 6 feet to 14 feet, green color
It is also claimed that snakes found long ago were blacker. Hence this name was given to it. This snake lives 11 years or even more. Its length varies from 6 feet to 14 feet. This snake weighs approximately 3.5 pounds. Besides the black mamba, the green mamba is also found in Tanzania. The green mamba snake is also very poisonous. Trees and shrubs hide in the thicket. Due to the green color, it is very difficult to identify it in trees.

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