snakeman geraint hopkins: 120 snakes, 70 spiders … beyond the limits of love for animals, this unique couple lives – geraint hopkins the snake of brittany and his wife live with more than two hundred animals, including snakes

The zoo is the place where animals live, but such a house would be called if it were humans, but where are animals everywhere? There is one such house in South Wales, Great Britain, in which two humans live but countless animals. 120 snakes, 70 spiders and how many lizards, spiny rats and geckos. Even Jared Hopkins, who now lives with his wife Hollande, is now known as Snakeman.

Beginning with a snake
The Burmese Python, Albino Python, Maclot Python, Mexican Red Nee Tarantula, and the third largest salmon tarantula in the world are the pink bird eaters. Snakes and skeletons are adorned on the walls of this house. Hopkins reported that he started with a snake in 1980 to raise money for a local ambulance station. People received donations in stores. People were surprised to see a man with a snake coiled on his body.

Called snakeman
Hopkins says he gradually started doing more and more shows and TV shows that made people recognize him. After meeting his wife, his collection began to increase. Now from ordinary people to the police, Hopkins is asked to pick up snakes. The couple learned to keep snakes by reading books and watching documentaries. Both spend their whole day caring for, maintaining, bathing and feeding the snakes.

Both also spend a lot on this. A security guard is being watched. Even CCTV cameras are installed. However, the Hopkins couple love everything. It’s not that he never faced any threats. His thumb was bitten by a snake.

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