Snowfall in Saudi Arabia Latest News: Photos and Videos of the Horrific Snowfall in Saudi Arabia

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The white sheet on the sand of heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia has not happened in Saudi Arabia for the past 50 years, so many snowfalls in the northern Sahara Desert, the temperature has reached minus
Everyone is surprised by the sudden snowfall in Saudi Arabia, famous for the desert and scorching heat. Photos and videos of white snow leaves on desert sands are widely shared on social media. It is said that after 50 years there was such a massive snowfall in Saudi Arabia. Although there was snowfall in Saudi Arabia before this, but its volume was much lower then.

Saudi temperature at night minus
Heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia is said to be an extremely rare event for all of the Gulf countries. The Gulf countries experienced a frigid winter season just over a week ago. Due to the cold winds that run at night, the temperature drops to cooler in many areas. In such a situation, people struggle with heat during the day and cold at night.

Saudi Meteorological Department warns
Saudi Arabia’s meteorological department has issued a warning regarding the coming days. The Meteorological Department said nighttime temperatures in many parts of the country could be further reduced. In such a situation, people should avoid the cold at night. The Asir region in Saudi Arabia is the most affected by heavy snowfall.

People shared photos
Many people in Saudi Arabia have shared photos and videos of heavy snowfall on social media. One of the most popular clips shows the puzzled camel unable to understand why it is so cold.

Snowfall in Algeria too
Algeria, located in the Sahara Desert in North Africa, also experienced heavy snowfall. Here the sand dunes are covered with white sheets. The temperature in many parts of the region has reached minus 3 degrees. This area is so dry that only a few trees grow there. In such a situation, everyone is surprised by the heavy snowfall.

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