snowfall starts in the south and would be visible in the capital in the early afternoon

Updated: Thursday, January 7, 2021 8:49 AM

Published on: 01/07/2021 8:34 AM

The accumulation of snow in the Community of Madrid will only increase over the hours. According to forecasts, the storm is spreading through the center of the country in two batches: on the one hand, throughout this Thursday the capital could accumulate up to 3 centimeters of snow and, on the other hand, eyes riveted on the Weekends, between Friday and Saturday, the thickness will increase by another 10 centimeters.

As Isabel Zubiaurre, meteorologist at LaSexta, points out, we could be faced with 72 hours of historic snowfall (the most intense in the last 120 years or, at least, so far this century). Precipitation will occur from mid-morning, but will increase as the afternoon approaches. On Friday, snowfall will be even more severe, while Saturday will be the worst day: according to some weather models, it could be up to 30 centimeters thick. On the following AEMET map, you can see the snow warnings for this Thursday:

Aranjuez rises with the first snowfall

The town of Aranjuez was one of the first areas in the center where snowflakes fell. Additionally, as collected by users who recorded snowfall, with visible intensity. In the capital of Madrid, precipitation is expected from the afternoon, extended to the entire altitude (the region).

Likewise, in the municipality of Ciempozuelos, residents have also started to feel the snowfall, as the following user notes:

Very cold Thursday and snow accumulation for hours

According to Zubiaurre, the cold snap in the region will remain latent this Thursday. The maximums will be around 10 ° C, a figure lower than usual. However, we are facing the last day of freezing temperatures: the minimums still descend below zero in the north, but they are starting to recover in the center and in the south.

At the same time, several cities in the center could wake up with more than 20 centimeters of snow on Saturday. As you can see from the following graph, the Madrid autonomy forecast predicts a sustained increase in precipitation, with an average of 12 centimeters in total:

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