So it will be coffee time in companies in the new post COVID-19 reality

Over six months ago our lives changed forever, underwent a radical revolution due to a pandemic. The much sought-after coronavirus has come to change our routines, our customs and even the most daily actions that have been completely altered. Of course, the work environment has also undergone enormous changes, both in the way and in the substance, both in the way we work and in the place from which we do it. Many changes that have taken place since March and many more that are occurring now, in September, with the return of a large number of workers to their workplace.

Beyond telecommuting, telematic meetings, virtual events and new essential security measures in companies, actions as common as chatting with our colleagues or having a coffee in common areas have also been changed … and which knows for how long.

Just look back six months and see what coffee time was like back then. A natural moment, in which it was not necessary to apply any type of security measure. We could stand in line for the machine or the coffee machine as normal, greet or chat with our colleagues, catch up on our personal or professional projects, while taking advantage of a moment of disconnection to relieve stress and regain strength in one of the areas. common areas of our offices.

Coffee time in the post COVID-19 environment

But how will it be from now on? From the hand of Nespresso Professional and its wide range of coffee machines and coffee capsules for all types of businesses and businesses, we leave you five keys to the moment of coffee in the new post-COVID-19 reality , a reality with a clear orientation towards health, safety, hygiene, digitization and respect for the environment:

Guarantee security. Without a doubt, security will be one of the most important points of this new reality. Respect the necessary measures such as the use of a mask, the safety distance …, it will be essential to prevent the contagion and the spread of the virus and, logically, the same thing happens at the time of the coffee. Goodbye large groups, gatherings, kisses and hugs, conversations in front of the coffee machine…. And another thing: agility and speed when serving coffee are essential. For this reason, the latest launch of Nespresso Professional, the Nespresso Momento machine, thanks to its simple and comfortable interface and fast capsule recognition, is perfect for minimizing time and risk during breaks. In addition, Nespresso Momento 100 and Nespresso Momento 200 (with one or two heads respectively) are ideal for high coffee consumption in self-service environments and this, in a new reality with less interaction between people, is essential. Constant and efficient hygiene. If we are talking about important safety measures, what about hygiene. The second step in preventing this pandemic is to constantly disinfect people’s hands and any objects or surfaces they may touch or use, so proper and constant cleaning of the coffee machine is essential. Nespresso Momento, for example, has a lot of facilities for that usual disinfection we were talking about: it has a touchscreen that is easy to disinfect and clean. The parts are easily removable, so cleaning is very simple, as well as emptying the used capsule container and the water tank. In addition, you can also activate the “contactless” mode via a QR code to brew coffee without touching the screen. Digitization. We are in the digital age. The coronavirus has driven digital transformation into a new dimension and for safety and convenience, digital and technology are now part of our daily lives. The same thing happens at coffee time, where the experience of having a hot drink becomes more digital, but at the same time more rewarding. The simple and modern Nespresso Momento touchscreen recognizes capsules and provides us with information on the coffee’s aroma profile and strength, as well as recommendations for cup sizes. The importance of disconnection. Stopping for 5, 10 or 15 minutes for a comforting drink helps us to relax, to get away for a few moments from the intense work rhythm, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Therefore, the timing of coffee is vital. With Nespresso Professional machines, the disconnection is total thanks to their simplicity and the tranquility that emanates from their low noise, far from the strident coffee makers that we all know. Durability and energy saving. Finally, it should be noted that the entire Nespresso Professional range has a marked lasting “character”. From Nespresso, they work with communities in the countries of origin to make coffee cultivation a sustainable activity, aware of respect for the environment, recycling and concerned about the increase in environmental pollution. The company believes that its business will only prosper if the communities it works with and the environment in which it operates can in turn prosper. Through its exclusive AAA Sustainable Quality ™ program, Nespresso supports more than 110,000 farmers in 14 countries around the world with the resources they need to thrive, including expert training, sustainable farming practices or low premiums. cost. In addition, all professional machines have a precision consumption system, in which the exact amount of beans, water and energy needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee is used, also on a large scale. In turn, all the capsules, hermetically sealed, are made with aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material and the most suitable to preserve the freshness, aromas and flavor of the coffee.

In short, in this “ new ” moment of coffee, it is important to maintain high levels of safety, hygiene and agility, while maintaining, if not developing, people’s pleasure and enjoyment, making sure they can take a few minutes off work and increase productivity and creativity. This is why the Nespresso professional range becomes the ideal solution. Its great versatility allows it to easily adapt to all types of areas, with complete and stand-alone solutions that integrate perfectly with new workspaces and security measures. In addition, its wide variety of coffee capsules allows it to satisfy all types of tastes and palates, not to mention the personalized attention that Nespresso Professional gives to its customers: a great competitive advantage when choosing the right coffee machine. more suitable for you. Office.

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