So will Melania divorce Donald Trump as soon as he loses the presidential election? Former colleagues say – Melania Trump counts minutes to divorce when Donald leaves White House after losing US election, say former aides

Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden in the US presidential election. However, Trump has yet to come to terms with his defeat. He accused Binden of rigging the election five hours after Biden claimed victory. Trump also said that I won this election and received 7 crore 10 lakh valid votes. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail quoted a former colleague of Trump’s wife, Melania, as saying she could leave Trump after the election defeat.

So Trump and Melania are discussing a post-marriage deal?

As reported by the Daily Mail, Stephanie Volkoff, a former associate of Melania Trump, claimed that Melania has been in talks with Trump since the wedding. Which calls for an equal stake in the property of Trump Barr with that of his son Baron. Volkoff also alleged that Trump and Melania had separate bedrooms at the White House, the presidential residence of the United States. He described Trump and Melania’s marriage as transactional.

Trump’s former political aide calls for marriage to end

At the same time, former Donald Trump political aide Omarosa Manigault Newman has claimed that the 15-year-old marriage of Trump and Melania is now over. He said Melania was counting every minute. Omarosa even claimed that Melania would divorce as soon as Trump left the White House. He said Melania was now looking for a way to get revenge on Trump.

What Melania Said About Her Relationship With Trump

Melania Trump said in an interview that she has a great relationship with Donald Trump. He had praised Trump by saying he wasn’t arguing with me about anything. As per the deal made when Trump broke up the marriage to his second wife, Marla Maples, Marla has been committed not to interview any media or publish a book.

How did Trump and Melania meet?

Trump and Melania Trump’s love affair began in 1998. At that time Donald Trump was 52 and Melania 28. Fashion Week was being held in New York around this time, after which a party was to be held at the KitKat Club in Times Square. Trump and Melania both attended the party. The two turned their eyes on the conversation between the two, and then in 2004, Trump had Melanie offered to marry Melania by wearing a $ 1.5 million diamond ring. After which, the two were married on January 22, 2005.

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