Social distancing in Indonesia: how Ramadan is celebrated in the country with the largest Muslim population amid the coronavirus outbreak, see photos from Indonesia – Social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia in the midst of Ramzan

The month of Ramadan began on Tuesday amid the Kovid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, Namaz is played collectively by doing physical distance in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Indonesia, the most populous country of Muslims, is seeing an increase in Kovid-19 cases. Vaccination programs are also underway. The government is relaxing the restrictions. In mosques, prayers are performed in strict compliance with health regulations. Shopping centers and cafes are open. (Photo: Istiklal Mosque, Jakarta, ADEK BERRY / AFP)

The markets are open

Malaysia, Indonesia’s neighbor, has also been relaxed. Last year Taraweeh (collectively reciting the Quran at night) was banned, but this time it is not. Apart from that, the food and clothing markets are also open. Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Yakut Khalil Qomas said in his televised address on Monday evening that the Ramadan moon had been seen. (Photo: Jakarta, REUTERS / Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana)

“ Fed up with the epidemic ”

In the month of Ramadan, in addition to offering prayers, Muslims continue to fast and eat sahari (food before sunrise). Ana Mardiyastuti, a resident of the capital Jakarta, said, “Relaxation in restrictions is like breathing fresh air for us. We have had enough of the Kovid-19 epidemic ”. In Malaysia, Van Noradriana Bilkis (21) welcomed the authorization to offer namaz in mosques in Rajman. However, she said she would avoid going to the market, where crowds often live. (Photo: Malaysia, Mohd RASFAN / AFP)

Fast growing corona

The number of cases of infection in Malaysia has tripled since January to more than 362,000. More than a thousand cases of infection are reported every day. At the same time, Indonesia is the country most affected by Kovid-19 in Southeast Asia. As of Monday, more than 1.5 million cases of infection were reported in the country. Of these, more than 42,600 people have died. (Photo: Istiklal Mosque, Jakarta, ADEK BERRY / AFP)

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