Social media influencer from Turkey summoned to court for posting photos of the Netherlands museum

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Woman trapped after coming out of museum in the Netherlands A Turkish social media influencer has twice been to jail. Officials have made serious allegations of obscenity in Istanbul
A Turkish social media influencer says she is now being sued in Turkey for posting photos on social media inside Amsterdam’s famous sex museum. Merve Taskin, 23, shared photos of sex toys purchased from the museum on a trip to the Netherlands last year on her birthday. She says she was arrested a few months later in Turkey, where sharing pornographic content is considered a crime.

jokingly posted photos
Merv Taskin says she is being brought to court to face charges of obscenity. According to Turkish law, anyone who posts pornographic material can be fined or sentenced to up to three years in prison. Taskin has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. He is very well known in Turkey. Speaking to the BBC, Taskin said his motive behind posting the photo was just a “joke”.

officials acted on the photos
The BBC contacted the Turkish Embassy in London but did not respond. Taskin, who lives in Istanbul, said she went to Amsterdam with two friends to celebrate her 22nd birthday. During this time, she also visited the museum, where she took photos and posted them on social media. Taking the photos seriously, Turkish authorities have taken action against Taskin.

court notice
She says she was arrested twice after returning home. Earlier this year, he received an opinion from the Istanbul court, when it deemed the case closed. He said Taskin is due to appear in court on October 26 for violating article 26 of the Turkish penal code. After receiving the court’s notice, Taskin deleted several of his tweets so authorities wouldn’t have any complaints.

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