Social Responsibility, Integrity … These are the corporate values ​​most valued by large companies in 2021

Social Responsibility, Integrity … These are the corporate values ​​most valued by large companies in 2021

A new annual global corporate values ​​survey, the first of its kind, reveals that companies are now significantly more willing to care about people and their communities than before the COVID pandemic outbreak. 19 of last year.

The Values ​​Most Valued survey, carried out by Grupo Albin in collaboration with the / amo network, a leading multinational organization of strategic communication advisers, compares how corporate values ​​have evolved over the past year by analyzing the annual reports and websites of 525 companies listed on 22 markets.

To carry out the overall analysis of corporate values, various consultants were asked to carefully review the annual reports published by the largest companies listed on 22 markets during the current year and last year. The resulting study revealed, as a whole, about 2,300 individual stocks of companies mentioned, which represents an average of 4.3 stocks per company. This large number of individual stocks was then classified into a smaller group of broad categories to allow more precise analysis of the results.

After a hectic year, companies care more about people and communities

The survey shows that almost half of the companies surveyed (47.4%) included at least one value associated with broader social issues in their annual reports this year, an increase of 11% over the year former. As a result, people and communities became the most popular category among corporate values ​​in 2021, ahead of ethics and integrity, a leader last year.

Alejandra Moore Mayorga, CEO of Grupo Albin, said: We have had a particularly eventful year, which has required us to display very different corporate leadership qualities. The report on the evolution of company values ​​gives reason to be optimistic about the future. These values ​​are the clearest indication of how companies want to be perceived.

In the case of Spain, the values ​​most reflected were also “people and community”, “employees” and “integrity”. In this way, the Spanish market has also seen how, after the pandemic, the use of words such as “collaboration” and “integrity” has increased, while “sustainability” has decreased.

In times of uncertainty, integrity remains the most important tangible value

Moving on to individual values, integrity was the word most cited by companies, followed by innovation and respect, thus maintaining last year’s order of popularity. Liability, the fourth most popular title, is cited a little more this year, while sustainability has fallen by almost 5%.

For all the results of the Global Corporate Values ​​Report, click here.

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