Soft skills access university training with UNIR and GoodHabitz

More than 20,000 master’s students from the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) have benefited from the soft skills training offered by GoodHabitz, the European leader in eLearning for companies. This is the first time that this training has been integrated into official postgraduate university degrees.

This is the first time that the eLearning platform has opened up its expertise and content to the university sector. The two organizations consider that it is urgent to adapt regulated training to the new socio-economic scenario.

The strategic agreement between UNIR and GoodHabitz began last year and, to date, results in a total of 43,807 courses (79% complete), approximately 368,000 units and nearly 118,000 thousand hours training, with an overall rating of five stars (94/100) obtained out of 238,659 votes.

“The integration of our catalog into the postgraduate offer of UNIR responds to an obvious and urgent need to equip future professionals with skills that are increasingly in demand in the company”, explains Roel Koppens, Managing Director of GoodHabitz in Spain and Portugal. “Learning digital skills and management tools aligned with the current scenario is essential for post-pandemic recovery, and for organizations and individuals to be better prepared to face possible future crises with solvency.” , Koppens said.

Upgrading skills could lead to the net creation of 5.3 million new jobs by 2030, according to a recent report by the World Economic Forum.

The most accepted GoodHabitz courses by UNIR Master students are related to learning digital skills, leadership and team management, such as’ Change Management ‘,’ Team Coaching ‘,’ Open Your Mind: use imagination ‘and’ Teleworking and virtual teams’.

“At UNIR, we are constantly concerned with training our students in the knowledge and skills demanded by the market and society,” says Eva Asensio, Director of Academic Innovation at UNIR. “This is why we have integrated training in relevant soft skills such as creative thinking, teamwork or change management into our teaching model.

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