Software engineer and frontend developer are the most demanded jobs in Spain during coronavirus

Software engineer and frontend developer are the most demanded jobs in Spain during coronavirus

According to new data from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, the weak favorable winds of the labor market recovery are slowing down. Data from 15 countries, including Spain, show that while hiring has improved since the first impact of the pandemic, most countries have not returned to steady growth in the labor market.

LinkedIn data, showing hiring growth by country from February to October 2020, suggests that avoiding foreclosure to preserve the economy does not improve long-term domestic hiring prospects, with Sweden trailing other European countries. Brazil has experienced one of the largest recruitment declines in the world, while Spain’s recruitment rate lags behind other European countries. For its part, France has one of the most consistent recoveries of these 15 countries analyzed, despite the implementation of containment measures.

As many countries face a second wave of infections, data from LinkedIn suggests that hiring is not expected to improve at a rate that outweighs rising unemployment and underemployment. Depending on the trend at the start of the year, there is the possibility of a further significant drop in hiring in the coming months. While the outlook for job seekers is tough, data from LinkedIn also shows pockets of hiring growth, with more than 14 million jobs available on LinkedIn globally.

In Spain, LinkedIn has identified 4 jobs that have experienced steady growth since the start of the pandemic in mid-February, and predicts that they will continue to grow:

Software Engineer Frontend Project Manager Developer Full Stack Engineer

Globally, the most demanded positions in today’s economy have the highest number of vacancies, they are:

Software Developer -Become a software developer Sales agent -Become a sales agent ProjectManager -Become a project manager IT administrator -Become IT administrator Customer service specialist -Become a customer service specialist Digital marketing specialist -Become a specialist in Digital Marketing IT Support / Help Desk -Become a technical support specialist for Data Analyst- Become a data analyst Financial analyst -Become a financial analyst Graphic designer-Become a graphic designer

Additionally, LinkedIn predicts that the tech industry will create nearly 150 million jobs over the next 5 years. In this sense, the five digital skills that have developed the most during the pandemic are:

Digital Marketing Data Analysis Programming Financial Forecasting Agile Project Manager

Ángel Senz de Cenzano, Managing Director of LinkedIn Spain and Portugal, recommends: “Spain faces one of the most complex labor markets of recent generations, which represents a major challenge for those looking for work in However, learning new skills could be an opportunity to enter territories that had not previously been considered when looking for a job.

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