Solar Eclipse: 2021 Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on June 10 India Time and date in Hindi: The first solar eclipse of 2021 will be observed on June 10

The first solar eclipse of this year will take place on June 10. On this day, the rare sight of Ring of Fire will also be seen in many countries around the world. During this eclipse, the Moon’s shadow will completely cover 97% of the Sun. Because of this, for a while, the shape of the sun will appear as a diamond ring. This is the second eclipse of this year. Earlier on May 26, there was a lunar eclipse.

Ring of Fire will be visible
According to NASA, the most spectacular view of the Ring of Fire will be seen in Russia and Canada. This solar eclipse will only be visible partially in America and Great Britain. Only 30% of the Sun will be visible in Scotland and 20% in southern England. In the eastern states of America, up to 70 percent can be seen.

An eclipse occurs due to the Moon coming between the Sun and the Earth
This solar eclipse is known as the annular eclipse. This happens when the Sun and the Moon are exactly aligned with the Earth. Meanwhile, the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. For this reason, the sun shines like a diamond ring. Astronomers call this phenomenon the Ring of Fire.

There will be a partial eclipse in the UK
Scientists say people in Britain and Ireland will see the crescent moon. At the same time, Americans will be able to see a partial eclipse at sunrise. The occurrence of an eclipse at sunrise is also considered rare. Dr Emily Drebeck-Monder, astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said it would only be partially visible in Britain.

This eclipse will not take place in India
The June 10 eclipse will not be visible in India. For this reason, the Sutak that is applied before the eclipse will not be valid either. The doors of the temples are closed during the Sutak period. But, due to its lack of effect in India, the temple doors will remain open on June 10.

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