Solar energy: Swedish scientists successful, solar energy can now stay safe for 18 years – Swedish researchers develop liquid that absorbs and stores solar energy for 18 years

The world is now switching from renewable fuels to renewable energy from the sun. In the midst of this change, scientists are faced with many major problems. The first problem with solar energy is that it is only encountered during the day and the second major problem is how to store this energy for long term use. Swedish scientists have now found a solution to another problem.

Swedish scientists have developed a solar thermal fuel. This solar thermal fuel is a special type of fuel capable of conserving solar energy for 18 years. This energy was developed by experts at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, after a year of research. The device that helps capture solar energy is called the “MOST” Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage System.

Even after the liquid has cooled, it contains a lot of energy.
Most technologies work on a percolation basis in which a pump spins the fuel with a transparent tube. When exposed to energy from the sun, the relationship between atoms changes and turns into an energy-rich isomer. The energy of the sun is then linked to this strong chemical bond. What is amazing is that even after the liquid has cooled, there is a lot of energy inside.

The liquid is passed through a catalyst developed by the researchers to use the energy trapped inside the liquid. This heats the liquid to around 63 ° C. This kicks off the process when molecules return to their shape and release energy in the form of heat. This heat can be used to heat water in a building, in cooking or in any place where hot water is needed. This liquid is sent back indoors where it can collect solar energy again and keep it safe.

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