Solar Storm on Earth: Solar Storm 1582 The terrifying tales of the Earth discovered faces another century: When the typhoon came from space 539 years ago, the sky was blazing, then the fear of devastation was devastated

The super-destructive solar storm hit Earth about 500 years ago. Due to this storm, only the fire was visible in the northern sky of the earth for three nights on each side. Every part of the sky looked like it had been turned into flames. The condition was that the people of that time had never seen such a vision before. The danger of this great storm from outer space hangs over the earth once again. Scientists believe there is a risk of a solar storm coming from outer space even this century. Scientists say disturbances on the sun’s surface will affect the entire solar system. It can have a devastating effect on the earth. Come, tell us what impact the Mahatoofan can have on the earth….

Electricity can disappear from every city in the world

Experts say if there is a big storm coming from outer space, there may be a power outage in every city in the world. Earlier in 1989, due to the solar storm, Quebec City, Canada lost electricity for 12 hours and millions of people had to face problems. Likewise, the most powerful geomagnetic storm that struck in 1859 devastated the telegraph network in Europe and America. During this period, some operators reported receiving an electric shock while others said they are using their devices without batteries. The Northern Lights were so crisp that people could read newspapers at night all over America’s Northwest. Scientists have warned that by now the world has become more dependent on computers and automation, so this time the results of the solar storm could be more dire than the previous storm. Our solar satellites and satellites can be affected when a solar storm occurs, which can disrupt our communication and GPS systems.

What happened in 1582 in the Mahatufan? Known address

Now researchers have found such eyewitnesses who saw the great storm in 1582. This solar storm has been seen all over the world and people believed the earth was going to end. Portuguese writer at the time, Pere Ruiz Soares, wrote: “In the northern sky, a fire was visible on either side for three nights.” Every part of the sky looked like it had been turned into flames. He wrote: “At midnight terrible rays of fire emerged above the fort, which was very terrible and frightening. On the second day too, at exactly the same time, those rays reappeared in the sky, but she was not as scared as she was on the first day. Everyone went to the village to see this big sign. Research has shown that the appearance of scary rays has also been observed in Japan, Germany, South Korea and many other countries.

In the 21st century, a hurricane can hit Earth

According to Cornell University research, due to the solar storm of 1582, polar light (Northern Lights) was seen along the poles as well as the earth line. Scientists researching solar systems are now studying past events to uncover the pattern of storms on the sun. In addition, the possibility of knowing whether a solar storm can be detected or not. Research indicates that historical evidence suggests that the Mahatoofan, who came in 1582, comes once in a century. This type of storm can also hit the earth in the 21st century. He said that in the next 79 years, the rays of the flames could strike the earth in such a way at any time. He also said that there is no such technology at the moment to know how the technology will react when the sun’s rays are hit. According to experts, the sun’s activity slows down in the 11-year cycle. Solar Cycle 25 just started last year, which means that in 2025 the sun will be at its peak.

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