somalia united arab emirates tension: somalia accuses UAE of fostering unrest: tension in UAE and Somalia following elections

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Somalia, UAE escalated tensions over election delays
Two days after violence in the African country of Somalia over delayed elections, the country’s foreign ministry accused outside forces of growing problems. At least five soldiers have been killed in Somalia in violent protests following the delay in elections. More than a dozen people were also injured in the violence, most of them ordinary citizens.

An outcry in Somalia over the elections
Somalia’s President Mohammad Abdullahi Mohammed faces considerable pressure as the country was scheduled to hold elections on February 8, but could not be voted on that day. In fact, no consensus could be reached on how to conduct the election. Some people in Somalia are asking for the president’s resignation.

Somalia’s Foreign Ministry has targeted the target
In a statement released on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry alleged that a country was releasing false information, frank and misleading statements, which appear to support the rebellion. However, no country was named in the statement but it is clear that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is cited, which has criticized the violence.

What did the UAE say?
The UAE said in a statement on Saturday that the UAE had expressed grave concern over the deteriorating situation in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Somalia’s Information Minister Usman Dabbe reacted angrily to the UAE’s statement, saying it was arson. He said the UAE should apologize.

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