some communities are already raising it before the advance of COVID-19

Publication: Friday, January 15, 2021 6:32 AM

Castile and León, Andalusia, Asturias and Murcia are already planning to return home, which can only be decreed by the executive. For now, they are asking citizens to stay at home as much as possible given the worrying development of the pandemic.

The vice-president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Franciso Igea, on Thursday asked the government to rethink the option of house arrest because “now is not the time to make another calculation” and it is ” reasonable “to think about this possibility which could be necessary” in a few days “if the curve continues to rise as in recent days.

Igea warned of the “gravity” of the current situation and the rapid increase in cases, the speed of which suggests a situation that could be “worse” than that of March. He argued that “in a few days” will be recorded in the community “between 50 and 60 deaths, maybe even a lot more”, if the exponential increase in COVID infections and mortality remains unchanged so far.

He warns of the “gravity” of the situation and the rapid increase in cases, which predicts that this wave could be “worse” than that of March

He announced that the Autonomous Community would implement new restrictive measures, such as “recommending” that citizens stay at home “except to go to work” and to avoid meetings with people who do not live together. “We will see how far we can go legally,” said Igea, aware that the state of alert allows certain measures, but reserves home detention for a decision of the central government.

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, already assured this Wednesday that the regional executive is evaluating the integration of containment by the provinces with the restrictive measures already in place before the advance of the third wave of the coronavirus : “We will have to analyze the situation gradually,” he said in an interview with La 7 de Televisión Castilla y León.

Andalusia talks about “explosive” progress

In Andalusia, for his part, Juanma Moreno appealed this Thursday to the “responsibility” of citizens facing the “explosive” advance of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the community and asked Andalusians to “stay at home them to the extent of their possibilities ”and try“ not to increase unnecessary social gatherings ”or to move meetings with friends or family members who do not live together at home.

Moreno launched this message on the eve of the meeting of the expert committee that will agree on the tightening of restrictions in Andalusia in the face of the evolution of the third wave of the pandemic, which has anticipated that it will be the “the hardest, the most difficult and the most complex of those experienced so far”.

This Wednesday, he has already confirmed that “it is foreseeable” that after the meeting of the so-called expert committee of the Governing Body this Friday afternoon, “new decisions will be taken in the field of limitation of mobility from a geographical point of view “. In addition, they will be “harder” for “economic activity itself”, as he deplored, because “it is the only instrument we currently have” to deal with this multiplication of infections.

“I predict that on Friday we will predictably turn the tap towards the closure of the mobility of Andalusian citizens themselves,” admitted the chairman of the board, who linked this “explosive” development of the pandemic to the both to the effect of “vacation”. Christmas “, despite the fact that in them” the majority of Andalusians were very responsible “, as for” the British variant of this virus “.

Asked if he thinks that a “total containment” should be decreed in this context, Moreno recalled that “countries with economic machines and very powerful health systems” like Germany resort to this measure, because “the British strain is causing a lot of damage in Europe”, but he stressed that “this decision should be adopted, if it sees fit, by the government of the nation”, and stressed that “the highest possible decision” is restrict mobility.

The government “should consider whether to take such a step for the country as a whole” on house arrest.

“It is the responsibility of the state itself” which should take this decision “jointly with the whole state, as has been done in Germany or in other parts of Europe”, according to the Andalusian president, who recommended that the central government “assume a share of responsibility” in the management of this pandemic to “respond to situations of a magnitude like the one we are experiencing”.

Moreno clarified that the Council does not plan “for the moment” to request a total containment for Andalusia, which is still lower than the national average in incidence rate, but “we never exclude anything”, and in any case the Spanish government “I should think about the advisability of taking such a measure for the whole country”, he slipped.

Fernando López Miras, President of the Region of Murcia, also acknowledged that house arrest is a “necessary” option and that it “must be on the table” given the increase in cases. In Asturias, the Minister of Health, Pablo Fernández, asked the Interterritorial Council of Health to assess the provision to the autonomies of the capacities necessary to apply home confinement “if, despite the very restrictive measures we are taking, be needed at some point. “

What are the experts saying?

This home internment, which Minister Illa excludes, is also requested by epidemiologists, such as the deputy director of the Ramón y Cajal university hospital, César Carballo, who requested it this Thursday in Al Rojo Vivo, declared that the ‘Enforcing severe containment is the only way to curb the increase in coronavirus cases, which exploded after Christmas.

“It is impossible to stop this in a way that is not restrictive. The longer we take to do it, the more deaths we will have. We have been warning since October that the incidence must be stopped,” he said. he stated in this interview.

The doctor also recalled that the experts had already warned that if we spent Christmas as planned – without many mobility restrictions – we would spend “a black January and February”. “This does not surprise anyone. We expected it”, he added in this regard.

The former director of health systems at the WHO and former Barack Obama’s health adviser, Rafael Bengoa, is also clear on this. The expert believes that we must act now and, in his opinion, the most effective measure would be house arrest, similar to that in March, but of a shorter duration, as is done in other countries: “A three or four week lockdown is probably where we’ll end up being in a few weeks. “

To do this, he urged the central government to plan for national regulation according to the state of alert, so that communities can act according to their hot spots, and thus be able to act “stronger than ‘they don’t already’.

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