Some Windows 10 users will be forced to upgrade

From December 2020, Microsoft will start forcing the update on certain people. The change will occur in users who are in older versions of Windows 10. They will update to version 1909 or version 2004 if they do not update their PC manually. The move comes after Microsoft announced the end of support for Windows 10 version 1903, including the Home and Pro versions.

It’s time to update your Windows 10 computer

This shouldn’t worry most users given that the tech giant had already warned it two months ago. Microsoft had also confirmed that it would start forcing people to upgrade even if they didn’t want to.

If you are using Windows 10 version 1903, it will be forcibly upgraded to version 1909 later this month. If you are using version 1909, it will be forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 version 2004 (May 2020 update) for the spring of next year.

These updates cannot be blocked or postponed. Only advanced users can through the Windows registry or through group policies.

To get the latest version, just go to the Settings app and check for updates. If your device cannot receive updates for some mysterious reasons, you can try a Windows 10 ISO file or media creation tool.

Microsoft also notifies users of the next forced update via a new notification on the Windows Update page. The process is expected to begin this week and extend over the next month before Windows 10 Update version 21H1 is ready for production channels.

Users will be updated in waves, but you can also update directly to the October 2020 update if there is no compatibility block in place with their hardware or software configuration.

According to sources close to the development, the 21H1 update is expected to arrive between April and May. While Windows 10X will start shipping to manufacturers in the coming days.

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