“Someone who celebrates every Christmas with their neighbor should be able to continue to do so”

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 8:18 PM

Almost all of the Autonomous Communities will close the perimeter at Christmas, from December 23 to January 6, although travel to the “usual place of residence of relatives or close friends” will be allowed for the holidays.

A term, “parents”, whose inclusion in the plan agreed by the government and the autonomies has raised doubts. Who can be considered a “close friend” and, therefore, can travel between communities?

In this regard, Fernando Simón indicated to questions from the press that the choice of the word “is not accidental”, because having limited this exception to mobility restrictions to “families” would not include “all social situations in which that we may incur “.

“It may be unfair to people who have a relationship as close as a family but who may not be included in the legal or official term ‘family’,” the CCAES director said at his press conference on Thursday. , where explained that the term “close friends” aims to “include all of these social realities”.

“This includes people who have a special relationship, both in kinship and in affection,” he said. “A person who celebrates every Christmas of his life with his neighbor should be able to continue to do the same, just as a cousin does with another cousin,” he illustrated.

How will it be controlled?

When asked if this could lead to offenses, Dr Simón acknowledged that “the situation is true that it can be prone to cheating”, but stressed that all measures against the coronavirus “have a component important social and individual responsibility “.

“It can also happen that a person says that he is going to meet his family and then meets other people who are not of his family”, he illustrated, showing himself convinced that “the term” parents ” will not increase the risk of this “drain”, as long as we all maintain the individual responsibility that corresponds to us ”.

Regarding the control of Christmas travel, Simón said security forces and organs will have their role, but insisted on calling for individual responsibility. “The security forces and organs can control up to a point, but they cannot control everything,” he warned.

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