son of Muammar al Gaddafi Saif al Islam wants to support Libyan policy: The son of Gaddafi wants dictatorship in Libya again? After years came out and said – it’s time to go back in time

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Gaddafi’s son wants to return to politics Saif al-Islam, long missing, faces several IslamTripoli trials
Saif al-Islam, son of Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, wants to return to politics. Speaking to the American newspaper New York Times, he said he wanted to restore unity in the country. In the interview, he claimed that he is now free and those who imprisoned him have become his friends. Gaddafi, the father of Islam, was beaten to death in 2011 and the capital, Tripoli, was captured by rebels.

it’s time to go back in time
Islam can also run for president. He did not rule out this possibility either. Islam was seen as his successor during Gaddafi’s reign. Targeting Libyan leaders, Islam said, “In 10 years the Libyan people have only suffered. Now the time has come to go back in time because there is no money or security in the country.

The road back to politics will not be easy
Islam, which emerged after a long time, says the Libyan rebels have accepted that they can be their most powerful allies. However, bringing Islam back to active politics is not easy. He not only has to be tried by the International Court of Justice for serious crimes like war against humanity, but the sentence of the Tripoli court is also still intact. However, he believes that if the Libyan people overwhelmingly elect him as their leader, they will also have to face these legal challenges.

Libya will die without
During the interview, he was asked if he did not find it strange to hide with people in Libya to save his life in 2011? Islam has said that Libya is like an ocean for them and that they are like a fish. They hide here and fight here. He said that without Libya he would die.

The court pronounced the death penalty
The International Criminal Court was also looking for Islam, who did his doctorate at the London School of Economics. He was jailed in 2011 after fleeing for three months. News of his release came in 2017, after which he disappeared and his information was not disclosed. He was sentenced to death by a Tripoli court in 2015, but the extremist group refused to hand him over.

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