sonic boom video: Fort Sonic Boom Over Sky of England Plane or Meteor: Mystery lights seen after Sonic Boom in UK

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People fear loud explosion after mysterious light in Britain
In Britain, people were frightened by the sound of a strong light falling on the ground and by the sound of an explosion. Video of this incident is now going viral on social media. It looks like a meteorite. However, no official statement has yet been made about this unknown light. Some people think that it could also be a rocket or a fighter plane. The sound was heard due to the birth of the sonic boom as it flew at supersonic speed.

People are afraid of the lights and the mysterious voice
Residents of Devon, England heard this mysterious light and loud noise from the March 20 explosion. Local media Devon Live claimed in its report that this sound and light was heard and seen due to a meteorite falling to the ground. This light was seen in the afternoon. After which, people also heard a sound of explosion.

This incident has been observed in most parts of England
It is said that in addition to Devon this light was also seen in Exminster. However, no one has revealed the cause of this possible enlightenment. George Thorpe at Exminster told Devon Live he also saw a strange plane in the sky 30 to 40 minutes after hearing the sound of the sound. He claimed he was unable to take photos due to the excessive cloudiness and the ship vanished into thin air after creating a sonic boom.

What is the supersonic speed
A loud sound will be heard when an airplane passes overhead. It looks like something is ripped off somewhere, but it’s not actually happening. In fact, when something passes through the air at a speed much faster than the speed of sound or sound, an explosion-like sound is produced. This sound is called sonic boom. The sound boom produces large amounts of sound energy. In fact, the plane is moving faster than the voice. This speed is called supersonic speed.

Supersonic speed
When the speed of something is greater than the speed of sound or sound, it is called supersonic speed. The speed of sound in a vacuum is 332 meters per second. When something moves more than the speed of 332 meters per second, it is called supersonic speed.

Why is the sound boom occurring?
The plane produces sound waves while moving through the air. It doesn’t matter much when the plane is moving slower than the speed of sound, but when the plane is moving faster than the speed of sound, it produces a sound boom. A large amount of sound energy is produced. Due to which no sound is heard before the arrival of the aircraft, but only after the passage of the aircraft, there is a loud sound similar to a detonation. Because of this, we hear sounds like explosions or thunder from clouds.

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