Soumya Swaminathan Coronavirus crisis in India: WHO expert on Indian variant of Covid: WHO expert on Indian variant of Kovid

World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said on Saturday that the new variant of the corona virus that is spreading in India is more contagious and could escape the vaccine. He says that because of this, the epidemic has taken an explosive form in the country. Dr Soumya warned that what is visible in India today shows that this variant is spreading rapidly.

The variant is not of concern at the moment
The spread of variant B.1.617 in India was first detected last October. According to Dr Soumya, this is the reason for the outbreak of the epidemic. He said: “There were many factors to speed it up, one of which was the rapidly spreading virus.” B.1.617 was recently declared a “Variant of interest” by the WHO. However, it has not been described as a disturbing variant. At the same time, Swaminathan says it is a disturbing variant because the mutations have accelerated transmission and may even neutralize antibodies transmitted by the vaccine.

The country was starting to relax
However, he insisted that Variant alone could not be blamed for the escalation of the case. He said the country was starting to loosen up and social distancing had stopped. He said: “Transmission can be done on a small scale in a big country like India, it has been happening for many months. The first signs were ignored when it was spreading rapidly. Now it is hard to remove because thousands of people are involved in it.

It’s time to get vaccine protection
According to Swaminathan, in a country of more than 1.3 billion people, only 2% of people are fully vaccinated. In such a situation, the country cannot be protected by just a vaccine. In the times to come, the healthcare system will need to be improved and social distancing will need to be targeted to prevent transmission. According to Swaminathan, even if there will be viral replication and transmission, there will be mutations. The variant can gain immunity to the vaccine by undergoing multiple mutations.

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Soumya Swaminathan

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