south africa has stopped astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine: AstraZeneca – the big shock of the oxford corona virus vaccine, South Africa has stopped its use – south africa has stopped the deployment of the astrazeneca vaccine oxford covid 19

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South Africa has announced it is blocking Oxford from using the corona vaccine. The health minister said after the vaccine was found to be less effective on South African strains, South African experts warned the government the vaccine would be banned. is necessary
South Africa has announced it is stopping use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona vaccine. The country’s health minister said in a new study, use of the Oxford vaccine was stopped after the vaccine was found to be less effective on the South African strain of the Corona virus. Previously, two South African virus experts had warned the government that a ban on Oxford’s corona vaccine was needed. This vaccine is widely used in India for vaccination.

These experts said they would now follow a new vaccine research methodology. Columbia University expert Salim Abdul Qarim said: “There is a need to temporarily stop the Oxford corona vaccine in order to gain information on its effects.” He said we need a new way to start.
China’s love awakened with Pakistani military and a large batch of free corona vaccine
Less effective on variants found in South Africa
Previous research has shown that the University of Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against the corona virus is expected to be less effective on variants found in South Africa. These results were found in the first data. The trial was conducted on only 2,026 people and saw limited impact on less serious illnesses. These people were infected with a mutated virus. The company says that now this vaccine will be prepared for the new virus and that it will be ready soon.

During the South African University of the Witwatersrand and Oxford study, no one was killed or hospitalized. The results of the study have not yet been published. A company spokesperson said preliminary data from this short, first-stage trial showed limited impact against less severe disease caused by South African variant B.1.351. However, the serious illness and its impact on hospitalized people have not yet been studied.

Novavax vaccine is not effective against new strain
The average age of the volunteers involved in this study was 31, a period during which people are generally not infected. The corona virus has been mutated thousands of times during this epidemic month, but scientists are worried about three variants that are more contagious than before. These include the British variants of Kent, South Africa and Brazil. South African variants of these appear to be resistant to the vaccine and have been found in many parts of the world.

At the same time, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax also said their vaccines were not effective against the new strains. Likewise, Moderna is preparing booster shots for the new variant, while the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has also been shown to be less effective. Britain has bought 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine and millions are being vaccinated. On the other hand, 11 cases of variants in non-commuters pose a threat of community transmission due to which testing is expedited.

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