south africa Indian violence: 13 Indian lakh in crisis in South Africa, are punished for the “sin” of the Gupta brothers! – attacks by indians in south africa after imprisoning the brothers jacob zuma gupta saharanpur, also accused

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After the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma in South Africa, the situation has become like a war, there is a lot of looting and violence in many areas and so far around 72 people have been killed.
After the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma in South Africa, on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the situation became like a war. Looting and violence are taking place in many parts of the country and so far around 72 people have been killed. In the heat of this violence, now 1.3 million Indians living in South Africa are also being burned on a large scale. Faced with the gravity of the situation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs S Jaishankar met with the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Gupta brothers living in UP have also had a very close relationship with all this controversy in South Africa.

Members of the Indian community living in South Africa say people of Indian descent are being deliberately targeted on a large scale in Johannesburg and KwaZulu Natal. He says the 1.3 million Indians living in South Africa are not in danger, but the situation appears to be moving in that direction. He said we are calling on the government of South Africa to send security forces to help, but they are not coming.

Indian shops, businesses and homes were set on fire
In the midst of a violent atmosphere, arson and looting of Indians and South Africans of Indian origin are reported. President Ramaphosa also said in his speech to the nation that the opportunists are taking advantage of the situation and looting. He said these incidents are criminal and not political or racial. According to eyewitnesses, Indian stores, businesses and homes were set on fire.

Not only that, gasoline bombs were also thrown at them. The Indian trade and car were set on fire. The Indians are unable to compete with the rioters due to their small numbers. The police were not granted the right to shoot, due to which their lives are also in danger. The whole controversy began when Jacob Zuma was sentenced to 15 months in prison for contempt of court. After much controversy, Zuma surrendered and was sent to prison.

Former President Zuma has refused to appear before a commission to investigate allegations of corruption during his tenure. In such a situation, the Supreme Court sentenced him to be in contempt of court. The Gupta brothers, residents of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, are also charged in the corruption cases against Jacob Zuma. In such a situation, the South African government is attempting to extradite him from the United Arab Emirates.

Multiple corruption allegations against Zuma
Jacob Zuma, 79, is accused of embezzling government revenue while in power for nearly nine years between 2009 and 2018. The court also said the sentence could not be withheld. The commission, which is investigating allegations of corruption and bribery in various institutions, had ordered that Zuma be sentenced to two years in prison. Zuma had repeatedly said that instead of cooperating with the commission, he would go to jail.

Judge Khampepe said the court had issued a verdict that Zuma was in contempt of court. This statutory tribunal considers that the person (Zuma) who twice took the oath of the Republic (South Africa), its law and its constitution, neglected the law, undermined it and tried to abolish it. in various ways. Most of the judges on the bench are of the opinion that a strong message should be sent that such disobedience and violation is illegal and will be punished.

The Gupta brothers also participate in this corruption
The Gupta brothers, who are currently living in exile in the United Arab Emirates, are also accused in these corruption cases. Zuma is the main accused in the corruption of fifty billion rand, including the three Gupta brothers. The Gupta brothers are said to have perpetrated the corruption because of their proximity to them. The Gupta brothers are also said to have benefited Zuma’s two children. The South African government has started the process of his extradition.

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