South African lion confronts a pack of 30 hyenas in a six hour fight See incredible footage: 30 paralytic attack on the lion king of the jungle, 6 hours of war, find out who won

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In South Africa, the giant hymns trying to eat the meat of the buffalo to see the fierce battle between the lion and the hyena for the meat of the buffalo, surrounded the lion alone and started a fierce battle between the lion and the hyena, which lasted about 6 hours. . Continued to Cape Town
In South Africa there has been a fierce battle between the lion king and the lion king of the jungle for buffalo meat. Giant hymns in search of buffalo meat in the forest surrounded the lion and surrounded him and a fierce battle ensued between the two. The meeting lasted about 6 hours. In this battle, the lion alone proved why he is called the king of the jungle.

The lion captured buffalo meat near the battle which lasted about 6 hours and forced the hyena to flee. Safarismith photographer and founder Kayle Smith captures this battle of lions and hyenas in the camera. In a photo of Kayle, we see that 30 hymns of about 63 kg have taken the lion but the lion continues to growl.

King of the jungle conquers after fierce battle against lions and hyenas

Capable of hunting at a speed of 60 km per hour
The lion weighing about 180 kg was not afraid of a horrific attack of 30 hyenas and not only managed to protect itself from the attack of the hyenas, but also captured the meat of the buffalo. This fierce battle of lions and hyenas was seen in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photographer Kayle Smith captured stunning photographs of the war, which lasted 6 hours at a distance of approximately 800 feet.

Kayle used Sony’s AR7 IV camera and a 200-600mm lens to capture these amazing images. In fact, the hyena is said to capture dead prey somewhere in the forest, and often it hunts itself and fills its stomach. However, he did not stand in front of the King of the Jungle and was forced to retreat. These hyenas are able to hunt at a speed of around 60 km / h.

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