South African pastor Christ Penelope farts on people’s faces to heal them Picture Viral: Farts: This South African pastor falls on people’s mouths, the reason is very special

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If people have a lot of trouble with foul smells, but there is a priest in South Africa who shoots people’s mouths. Not only that, people come to him in large numbers even after such a foul smell. In fact, the pastor claims to remove all spiritual and physical problems from people in their mouths so that they can be healthy.

The pastor’s name is Christ Penelope, pastor of a church in Siandani village, South Africa. This pastor has now become a topic of discussion due to the unusual way local people grow their mouths. Not only that, the image of the pastor farting in front of the people has gone viral on social media. Someone visiting this church complained about it.

The pastor explained the reason for farting on the mouth
The practitioner said, “When we come to church, the point is to pray, not to put our mouths on it.” Meanwhile, Pastor Penelope stood up for his healing. He said he only shows the power of God. The pastor said it was started by the Lord Jesus Christ on Peter. It is a demonstration of the power of God.

The pastor said, ‘This is how God led Adam to a deep sleep.’ He said that farting near a person’s nose is necessary so that, through it, the “power of power” can enter the human body and do its job. The pastor said that when the person wakes up from a deep sleep, they will tell you that they did not feel anything. It shows the power of God and those who need to be healthy, they become.

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