South China maritime conflict: Australian army accelerates war preparation with China in Taiwan – May attack Taiwan

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Australia is preparing for war given China’s threat to attack Taiwan, sources say the Australian military is strategizing for war with China. Officers work to dispatch submarines to aid America in Beijing war
The Australian military has stepped up preparations for a war with the dragon due to the threat from China to attack Taiwan within the next 5 years. According to sources, the Australian military is developing a war strategy with China. Army officials are bracing for the situation in which a Collins-class submarine and Super Hornet fighter jet may be dispatched to the Taiwan Strait to assist the U.S. military and other partner nations in the event of a war.

According to the Daily Mail report, under increasing tension, pressure is mounting on Australia and other Quad countries – Japan, India and the United States to curb the Chinese Dragon Army. In recent times, the Chinese military has become very aggressive throughout the region. He crushed the supporters of democracy and the Uygars in Hong Kong. There are now fears that China will use its military force in Taiwan to unify Taiwan with China during the reign of President Xi Jinping.
Taiwan counterattacked by threats from China, said – If attacked, we will wage war to the end
Chinese plane tries to infiltrate Taiwan airspace
China sent a fleet of 25 fighter jets to Taiwan this week. Australian diplomatic sources said: “Many developments are underway and planning is underway for the conditions.” They aimed to show that we are not lacking in commitment. Fueled by the deepening defense ties between Taiwan and the United States, China has stepped up military operations in the South China Sea. Almost every day, Chinese fighters deliberately attempt to infiltrate Taiwanese airspace.

The editor of the Global Times explained the reason
This is the first time that the Global Times, called the spokesperson for Dragon, has explained why Chinese fighter jets repeatedly infiltrate Taiwanese airspace. Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Shijin said the Chinese military operation was in fact carried out in response to a violation of guidelines for relations between the US State Department and Taiwan. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will further increase military pressure in the region, given the deepening ties between Taiwan and the United States. If Taiwan shoots at our ships, it will be considered a complete war and the whole of the Taiwan Strait will be ours.

China tells Taiwan its integral part
The Chinese Communist Party declares that Taiwan is part of its territory seven decades after the end of the civil war. It is different that Taiwan has never been directly ruled by China until this day. Chinese government and Communist Party officials have repeatedly threatened to attack Taiwan. Late last year, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry even said Taiwan’s independence would mean the declaration of war.

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