South China Sea tension: US aircraft carrier close to China with 90 fighters, Dragon tease set – US Aircraft Carrier Group led by US

The United States has again deployed its aircraft carrier near China, just four days after Joe Biden was sworn in. In such a situation, it is believed that even after the change of power, there will be no change in US policy towards China. Amid escalating tensions in Taiwan, the US carrier strike group convoy led by USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea on Saturday. The strike group includes 90 fighters and 3,000 naval personnel, as well as several nuclear destroyers, frigates and submarines.

US aircraft carrier reaches near China

U.S. Indo-Pacific Command reported that the carrier strike group entered the South China Sea on Saturday. On the same day, Taiwan caught the intrusion of Chinese bombers and fighter jets into its air defense detection zone near the Pratas Islands. The United States said its ships have increased their presence in the region to regularly establish partnerships to ensure the freedom of the sea and promote maritime security.

The three American aircraft carriers stationed in Asia

The United States has deployed three of its aircraft carriers to the region to curb China’s growing activity in the Indian Ocean. These include the USS Ronald Reagan, UASS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS Nimitz. The USS Nimitz is currently stationed near the Gulf countries amid Iranian tensions. At the same time, the USS Ronald Reagan is patrolling the Indian Ocean.

How powerful is the USS Theodore Roosevelt

The USS Theodore Roosevelt is considered very powerful among the American supercarriers. The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier entered service with the US Navy on October 25, 1986. This US carrier strike group warship alone has the power to ruin many countries. The 332.8-meter-long aircraft carrier deploys around 90 combat aircraft and helicopters and around 3,000 naval personnel.

China and America face to face in the South China Sea

South China has become the second point of tension in Asia. The navies of China, Taiwan, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam constantly patrol the region to establish their dominance. At the same time, the Chinese military continually threatens war with Taiwan. China’s relations with Japan are also deteriorating. America has a treaty with these two countries. In such a situation, if China takes offensive action, then America will have to intervene even if it does not want to.

America reinforces navy from Battle Force 2045

The United States is trying to strengthen its navy through the Battle Force 2045 plan. The United States is trying to build a fleet of 500 manned and unmanned ships by 2045. Apart from that, it is planned to get 355 forces traditional battlefields by 2035. China is also campaigning for a world-class navy. In such a situation, the security challenge has increased in front of America.

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